275 Editor's Choice – September 2016 P. Saunderson


276 The prevalence of leprosy in school-students and evaluation of school-based screening for leprosy:A Systematic Review K. Fowden, R. Franklin, P. Graves, D. MacLaren and J. McBride

Original Papers

294 Trends and spatial clustering of leprosy cases over a decade in a hyper-endemic area of western Maharashtra, India S. Kuruwa, V. Joshua, V. Shetty and N. Mistry

305 Epidemiology and spatial exploratory analysis of leprosy in the district of Toliara, Madagascar V. Suttels and T. Lenaerts

314 Results of eight years follow up among multibacillary patients treated with Uniform Multidrug Therapy in China Y. Liangbin, S. Jianping, Y. Meiwen, Z. Guocheng, L. Jinlan and Y. Xiufeng

322 Molecular screening for primary drug resistance in M. leprae from newly diagnosed leprosy cases from India M.M. Male, G.B. Rao, S. Chokkakula, S. Kasetty, P.V. Ranganadha Rao, S. Jonnalagada, A.M. Reddy and A. Srikantam

332 The development of a severity scale for Erythema Nodosum Leprosum–the ENLIST ENL severity scale S.L. Walker, K.L. Knight, V.V. Pai, P.G. Nicholls, M. Alinda, C.R. Butlin, J. Darlong, D.A. Hagge, S.M. Lambert, M.Y. Listiawan, A. Maghanoy, J.A.C. Nery, K.D. Neupane, Pitchaimani, A. Polycarpou, A.M. Sales, M. Shah, D.N.J. Lockwood and on behalf of the Erythema Nodosum Leprosum International Study Group

347 Can addition of test sites for monofilament testing improve detection of nerve function impairment? K.D. Pawar, G.D. Capadia, J.W. Brandsma, E. Post and V.P. Shetty

355 Effectiveness of an individual physical rehabilitation programme in a group of patients with Hansen's disease H. Serrano-Coll, J.D. Vélez, D. Trochez, J.C. Beltrán, D. Suanca, F. Monsalve and N. Cardona-Castro

368 Knowledge and attitudes to leprosy of Pacific People living in New Zealand A. Faatoese, S. Sikaleti, P. Priest and S. Chambers

378 A temporal and sociocultural exploration of the stigma experiences of leprosy patients in Brazil S. Sillo, C. Lomax, G. de Wildt, M. Da Silva Fonseca, N.G. de Almeida Galan and R.B.R. Prado

396 Establishing the psychometric properties of the IGBO version of the participation scale P.O. Ibikunle, S.E. Oladipo, J.N. Chukwu and A.I. Okeke

Case Reports

405 Genital lepromatous leprosy with bilateral inguinal lymhadenopathy simulating lymphogranuloma venerum S. Pradhan, C.S. Sirka, D. Panda and S. Patra

409 Two cases of leprosy misdiagnosed in a family, one elephantiasis-like with lepromatous leprosy L. Yu-Ying, L. Jian, C. HWui, C. Hsuan-Wei and Z. Wei

413 Lepromatous leprosy with necrotic erythema nodosum leprosum complicated with adherent leucoma S. Pradhan, C.S. Sirka, S. Parija, M. Panda and S. Pujahari

417 Histoid leprosy with Type 1 reaction M. de Fatima Maroja, C. Massone and A.P. Schettini

425 Sporotrichoid Nerve Abscess in Borderline leprosy: Rare presentation of downgrading Type 1 reaction S. Sethi, S. Mittal, V. Garg and N. Khurana

431 Folliculotropic mycosis fungoides mimicking leprosy: a case report and review N. Wang, X. Lu and F. Zhang

Letter to the Editor

436 Case finding through contact surveys and focal surveys in Bihar, India R.K. Singh, A. Singh, S. Marella, J. Pasura and S. Nancollas

438 Clinical classification of leprosy B. Kumar

439 Modification of tool used in self-care of anesthetic hands and feet in patients with leprosy A. Palit and A.C. Inamadar

Short Report

442 Effectiveness of the orientation training for laboratory technicians in leprosy skin smear and nasal smear techniquesin central leprosy teaching and research institute, India R. Michaelsamy, P. Thangaraju, V. Gunasekaran, R. Pushpharaj, V.C. Giri, A. Ulaganathan and S. Ali MK