145 Editor’s Choice – June 2016 P. Saunderson


146 An important perspective on the recent history of leprosy - and its implications for the current Global Strategy P.E.M. Fine

151 The challenge of Multimorbidity in the context of leprosy C.R. Butlin

Original Papers

158 Need for, and acceptability of, rapid diagnostic tests that can facilitate the diagnosis of leprosy M.S. Duthie, F.M. Orcullo, A. Maghanoy and M.F. Balagon

171 Outcome of 6 months MBMDT in MB patients in Bangladesh- preliminary results C.R. Butlin, D. Pahan, A.K.J. Maug, S. Withington, P. Nicholls, K. Alam and M.D.A.H. Salim

183 Spatial and temporal trends in new case detection of leprosy in India V. Joshua

191 Is the WHO disability grading system for leprosy related to the level of functional activity and social participation? V.T.C. De Souza, W.M. Da Silva Júnior, A.M.R. De Jesus, D.T. De Oliveira, H.A. Raptis, P.H.L. De Freitas and S. Schneiberg

201 Nerve conduction study in leprosy: a hearty need or a customary practice? S. Marahatta, S. Bhattarai, B.H. Paudel and D. Thakur

211 Experiences with Thalidomide for Erythema Nodosum Leprosum– a retrospective study J. Darlong, P. Govindharaj, D.E. Charles, A. Menzies and S. Mani

221 The use of steroids and thalidomide in the management of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum; 17 years at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London L.E.B. Nabarro, D. Aggarwal, M. Armstrong and D.N.J. Lockwood

232 Is nullity for Glutathione S-transferase genes GSTT1 and GSTM1 protective against leprosy? C.R. Graça, R.M. Cordeiro-Soubhia, S.M. Tonelli-Nardi, E. Belini Junior, C.R. Bonini-Domingos, C.R. Gauch, E.M.D.S. Da Rocha, V.D. Paschoal, J.A. Kouyoumdjian and A.R. De Souza Baptista

Case Reports

239 Autonomic neuropathy impairing quality of life after completion of MDT: Are we managing enough? V. Anand, S. Pradhan and P. Kumar

243 Pseudoathetosis and ataxia – a rare presentation of multibacillary leprosy in a non-endemic area J. Köstenbauer and H. Kempton

246 Uncommon clinical presentations of leprosy: apropos of three cases R. Jindal and N. Shirazi

252 Leukemia cutis in a patient of relapsed leprosy- Coincidence or predisposition? S. Reddy, A.R. Shashikiran, R. Basavaraj and M. Shamanur

Short Report

260 Disability aid compliance in people affected by leprosy in urban and rural Maharashtra, India – a need for comprehensive study M.D. Baker, V.V. Pai, N. Ajayan and C. Dhamale

Letter to the Editor

264 Prevalence of leprosy-related disability in Bangladesh C.R. Butlin, K. Kundu, D. Hossain, S. Singh and T.S. Warrender


267 Robert Jacobson, M.D., Ph.D.

News and Notes

269 19th International Leprosy Congress: Welcome Note M. Virmond, W. Cairns Smith and G. Zhang