1 Editor’s Choice P. Saunderson


2 Investment case concepts in leprosy elimination: A systematic review A. Tiwari and J.H. Richardus

Original Papers

23 How to improve early case detection in low endemic areas with pockets of leprosy: a study of newly detected leprosy patients in Guizhou Province, People’s Republic of China J. Li, L. Yang, Y. Wang, H. Liu, J. Liu and H. Cross

32 Leprosy in Brazilian counties bordering Paraguay: Mato Grosso do Sul State, 2001–2011 M.E.A. Ajalla, S.M.O. De Andrade, E.M. Tamaki, W. Waissmann, S.H.C. Deittrich and V.A. Do Nascimento

42 Children and adolescents’ attitude towards having leprosy in a high endemic district of India P. Govindharaj, J. Darlong, A.S. John and S. Mani 

53 The association between neuropathic pain and disability grades in leprosy R. Del’arco, A.B. De Oliveira, S.M.T. Nardi and V. Del’arco Paschoal

60 Correlation between clinical tests and electroneuromyography for the diagnosis of leprosy neuropathy P.O. De Paula Lima, F.M.B. Cunha, H. De Sá Gonçalves, M.A.P. Aires, R.L.F. De Almeida and L.R.F.S. Kerr

71 Prospective analytical study of assessment of off loading by Total Contact Cast in treatment of non healing plantar ulcers in anaesthetic foot S. Rai, A.K. Gupta, D. Kumar, V.P. Sharma and A.K. Agarwal

78 Association of viable Mycobacterium leprae with Type 1 reaction in leprosy M.P. Save, A.R. Dighe, M. Natrajan and V.P. Shetty

93 Mutation at codon 442 in the rpoB gene of Mycobacterium leprae does not confer resistance to rifampicin M. Lavania, A.H.H. Reja, A. Nigam, N.K. Biswas, I. Singh, R.P. Turankar, U. Gupta, S. Kumar, L. Rewaria, P.K. Patra, U. Sengupta and B. Bhattacharya

Case Reports

101 Autochthonous borderline tuberculoid leprosy in a man from Florida G. Villada, M. Zarei, R. Romagosa, P. Forgione, G. Fabbrocini and P. Romanelli

104 The story of a deformed leprous foot S. Rohatgi, S. Naveen, P. Salunke, S. Someshwar, H.R. Jerajani and R. Joshi

Letter to the Editor

109 Tuberculosis and leprosy infections in the Marshallese population of Arkansas, USA V.M. Cardenas, M.S. Orloff, J. Kaminaga, I.C. Cardenas, J. Brown, S. Hainline-Williams, M.S. Duthie, A.C. Gonzalez-Puche, L. Mukasa, N. Patil, P.A. Mcelfish and J.H. Bates

113 Validation of the Leprosy Type 1 Reaction Severity Scale in Ethiopia S.M. Lambert, O. Haroun and D.N.J. Lockwood

118 Management of chronic neuritis with a combination regimen of lower doses prednisolone and methotrexate: a brief report D. Hossain

122 Bone marrow evaluation in leprosy: clinical implications S. Padhi and V. Krishna C

124 Cultural practice and beliefs hampering the treatment of leprosy- an area of concern S. Pradhan and P. Kumar

129 Obituary – Dr. H. Srinivasan (1929–2015)

130 Obituary – Thomas Herald Rea, MD (1929–2016)

Symposium Report

132 Symposium on emerging needs in leprosy research in the post elimination era: The Leprosy Mission Trust India I. Singh, M. Lavania, A. Nigam, R.P. Turankar, M. Ahuja, A.S. John and U. Sengupta