207 Editor's Choice – September 2015 
H. Cross


208 The prevention of disability as a consequence of leprosy 
H. Cross

Original Papers

213 Changes in plantar load distribution and gait pattern following foot drop correction in leprosy affected patients
M. Karmakar, J. Joshua and N. Mahato

220 Establishing the reliability and construct validity of the Igbo version of Screening Activity Limitation and Safety Awareness scale in persons with Hansen disease 
P.O. Ibikunle, S.E. Oladipo, J.N. Chukwu, A.C. Odole and A.I. Okeke

229 Application of the SRQ20 and the protocol of psychological assessment in patients with leprosy in a Reference Centre in Brazil
M.A. De Souza Cunha, D.E. Antunes, R.W.M. Da Silveira and I.M.B. Goulart

240 Physical disabilities at diagnosis of leprosy in a hyperendemic area of Brazil: trends and associated factors
L.D. Monteiro, F.R. Martins-Melo, A.L. Brito, C.H. Alencar and J. Heukelbach

251 Use of Audio-Visual aids in teaching post operative exercises to person affected by Leprosy 
P. Gupta

254 Health beliefs surrounding leprosy induced foot ulceration; an exploratory qualitative study from South Nepal
M. Desancha, K. Jha and A. Williams

265 Factors associated with the worsening of the disability grade during leprosy treatment in Brazil
L.G. Costa, D. Cortela, R.C.F.R. Soares and E. Ignotti

Short Reports

273 A study to assess the usage of MCR footwear in West Bengal, India
V. Lal, D. Sarkar, S. Das, M. Mahato and G. Srinivas

278 Selection criteria for reconstructive surgery to correct mobile hand deformities in leprosy
K. Govindasamy, P. Das, V.J. Paul and J. Kumar

283 Operational cost for management of leprosy-related complicated ulcer in charitable hospitals
S. Govindarajulu, V. Lal, S.T.S. Davidson, T. Muthuvel, S. George and K. Vaikundanathan

Case Reports

288 Leprosy presenting as a non-healing ulcer and associated unusual myth
P. Yadav, P. Verma and A. Singal

292 Compressive ulnar nerve neuropathy resembling nerve abscess at a leprosy referral hospital in Purulia, a high endemic district in India
M. Suresh and J. Darlong

Letter to the Editors

296 Challenges in preventing disabilities among children affected by leprosy: Findings from a referral hospital in North India
M. Sethi and P.S.S. Rao

298 Bullous erythema nodosum leprosum manifesting in the post partum period with unusual features
B. Kumar


300 Comprehensive Guide for Health Promotion and Empowerment Published


301 Symposium Report: Developing Strategies to Block the Transmission of Leprosy
D. Mensah-Awere, M.W. Bratschi, P. Steinmann, J.K. Fairley and T.P. Gillis