141 Editor's Choice June 2015
P. Saunderson

142 Current knowledge on Mycobacterium leprae transmission: a systematic literature review
M.W. Bratschi, P. Steinmann, A. Wickenden and T.P. Gillis

156 Symposium Report: Developing Strategies to Block the Transmission of Leprosy
D. Mensah-Awere, M.W. Bratschi, P. Steinmann, J.K. Fairley and T.P. Gillis

165 Clinical features of relapse after multidrug therapy for leprosy in China
J. Shen, L. Yan and P. Sun

170 Family motivation card: An innovative tool for increasing case detection in a resource poor setting
T. Padhi and S. Pradhan

Case Reports

176 A case of lepromatous leprosy with co-existing tuberculosis verrucosa cutis (TVC)
Farhana-Quyum, Mashfiqul-Hasan and Z. Ahmed

180 Disseminated cutaneous BCG infection following BCG immunotherapy in patients with lepromatous leprosy
G. Khullar, T. Narang, K. Sharma, U.N. Saikia and S. Dogra

186 Dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome in a lepromatous leprosy patient – A Case Report
M.C. Gavilanes, A.L. Palacio, P.R. Chellini, J.A.D.C. Nery and J.G. Rego

191 Persistent serpentine supravenous hyperpigmented eruption in lepromatous leprosy after minocycline
T. Narang, S. Dogra and U.N. Sakia

195 Leprosy and Lobomycosis: First report from the Amazon Region
G.M. Ihara, C. Massone, A.P. Schettini and M.D.F. Maroja

202 Type 1 reaction masquerading clinically as ENL: A Case Report
A. Khodke and V.P. Shetty