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1 Leprosy ad before Buruli ulcer: similarities suggest combining control and prevention of disability strategies in countries endemic for both diseases D.S. Walsh, B.C. De Jong, W.M. Meyers and F. Portaels

Original Papers

6 What stops people completing multi-drug therapy? Ranked perspectives of people with leprosy, their head of family and neighbours - across four Indian states M.S. Raju, A.S. John and P. Kuipers

21 The patient perspective of the diagnostic process for leprosy in Brazil. An exploratory study K. Teasdale, G. De Wildt, P.K. Das, M.D.C.L. Virmond, N.G. De Almeida Galan, R.B.R. Prado, M. Henry and H. Amar

37 Lay and peer counsellors to reduce leprosy-related stigma – lessons learnt in Cirebon, Indonesia M. Lusli, R.M.H. Peters, M.B.M. Zweekhorst, W.H. Van Brakel, F.S.S.E. Seda, J.F.G. Bunders and Irwanto

54 Comparing the perception of community members towards leprosy and tuberculosis stigmatisation S. Sermrittirong, W.H. van Brakel, N. Kraipui, S. Traithip and J.F.G Bunders-Aelen

62 Dehabilitation in the era of elimination and rehabilitation: a study of 100 leprosy patients from a tertiary care hospital in India D. Seshadri, B.K. Khaitan, N. Khanna and R. Sagar

75 Survey on child leprosy patients and problems resulted from the disease in China Y. Liangbin, S. Jianping, Z. Min and Z. Guocheng

80 Profile of oxidative stress in response to treatment for Type 1 leprosy reaction N. Chhabra, S.N. Bhattacharya, A. Singal, R.S. Ahmed and P. Verma

Short Paper

89 Mozambique Country Profile A. De Kruijff

Case Reports

96 Bullous erythema nodosum leprosum manifesting in the post partum period with unusual features R. Verma, B. Vasudevan, V. Pragasam, N. Moorchung, D. Mitra and M. Gopal

102 Chromoblastomycosis in a resident of a leprosarium D. Dashatwar, S. Kar, N. Gangane, V. Pol, B. Madke, S. Kulkarni and N. Singh

108 The deportation of two Ethiopian migrant workers with leprosy S.M. Lambert and S.L. Walker

112 Lymph node abscess and cardiac involvement in a patient with nodular lepromatous leprosy (LL) with erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL): A rare occurrence T. Goyal, A. Varshney, S.K. Bakshi and V. Sharma

117 Cost effective cosmetic prosthesis for lost digits G. Manivannan, G. Karthikeyan, P. Das and G. Babu

Letters to the Editor

124 Reply to the role of contact tracing and prevention strategies in the interruption of leprosy transmission D.N.J. Lockwood, P. Krishnamurthy, V. Pannikar and G. Penna

126 Contact management is an essential component of leprosy control W.C.S. Smith and A. Aerts

128 Chemoprophylaxis: sufficient evidence for starting implementation pilots J.H. Richardus

130 Obituary – Dr. Robert C. Hastings (1938–2014)

131 Obituary – Dr. Margaret Elizabeth Brand (1919–2014)

134 News and Notes