249 Editor’s choice – December 2014 P. Saunderson


250 Tele-leprology: A literature review of applications of telemedicine and tele-education to leprosy C.A. Nelson, C.L. Kovarik and C.B. Morssink

Original Papers

262 Results from the Clinical Trial of Uniform Multidrug Therapy for Leprosy Patients in Brazil (U-MDT/CT-BR): Decrease in Bacteriological Index M.L.F. Penna, S. Bu"hrer-Sékula, M.A. De Andrade Pontes, R. Cruz, H. De Sá Gonçalves and G.O. Penna

267 Patient profile and treatment satisfaction of Brazilian leprosy patients in a clinical trial of uniform six-month multidrug therapy (U-MDT/CT-BR) I.P.S. Ferreira, S. Buhrer-Sékula, M.R.F. De Oliveira, H. De Sá Gonçalves, M.A. De Andrade Pontes, M.L.F. Penna, R. Cruzand G.O. Penna

275 Normal threshold values for a monofilament sensory test in sural and radial cutaneous nerves in Indian and Nepali volunteers I. Wagenaar, W. Brandsma, E. Post and J.H. Richardus

288 Leprosy and tuberculosis concomitant infection: A poorly understood, age-old relationship T.M. Rawson, V. Anjum, J. Hodgson, A.K. Rao, K. Murthy, Sundar Rao PSS, J. Subbanna and P.V.R. Rao

296 Childhood leprosy through the post-leprosy-elimination era: a retrospective analysis of epidemiological and clinical characteristics of disease over eleven years from a tertiary care hospital in North India S. Dogra, T. Narang, G. Khullar, R. Kumar and U. Nahar Saikia

311 Dental health and treatment needs in people with leprosy in China F. Yunzhi, G. Yue, T. Lili, W. Zhonghe, Z. Lianhua, Y. Ying and Z. Guocheng

Case Report

322 Erythema nodosum leprosum mimicking Sweet’s syndrome: an uncommon presentation V.K. Mahajan, Abhinav C, K.S. Mehta and P.S. Chauhan

Letter to the editor

328 Sources of anxiety amongst leprosy patients in urban treatment setting in Hyderabad, India V. Thwaites, V. Anjum and K. Rao

332 Leprosy in Sarawak, Borneo: A 5 Year Review from 2008 to 2012 L.H. Ninh

News and Notes

336 KIT Biomedical research Reports on Big Data in location based applications 70 Years of Revista de Leprologia Fontilles

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