Call for Papers

131 Prevention of Disability (POD)


132 Editor’s choice – September 2014 P. Saunderson

Original Papers

133 Addressing inequality and exclusion – the opinion of people affected by leprosy in Africa and Asia, as to what should be included in any post Millennium Development Goal framework S. Arulanantham

141 Responding to the challenge of leprosy-related disability and ultra-poverty B. Bowers, S. Singh and P. Kuipers

149 How to reduce stigma in leprosy – a systematic literature review S. Sermrittirong, W.H. van Brakel and J.F.G. Bunbers-Aelen

158 Leprosy incidence: six years follow-up of a population cohort in Bangladesh P. Basel, D. Pahan, F.J. Moet, L. Oskam and J.H. Richardus

170 Leprosy – An imported disease Z. Kwan, J. Pailoor, L.L. Tan, S. Robinson, S.-M. Wong and R. Ismail

177 Drug resistance patterns in Mycobacterium leprae isolates from relapsed leprosy patients attending The Leprosy Mission (TLM) Hospitals in India M. Lavania, R.S. Jadhav, V.S. Chaitanya, R. Turankar, A. Selvasekhar, L. Das, F. Darlong, U.K. Hambroom, S. Kumar and U. Sengupta

186 Psychological distress and quality of life in leprosy patients with neuropathic pain F.J.J. Reis, D. Lopes, J. Rodrigues, A.P. Gosling and M.K. Gomes

Case Reports

194 Lucio Leprosy with Lucio’s phenomenon, digital gangrene and anticardiolipin antibodies E. Nunzie, O. Cabrera LV, M. Moncayo FM, O. Espinosa PF, Clapasson A. and Massone C.

201 Annular bullous lesions with atypical erythema multiforme in leprosy A. Shah, R. Mahajan, K. Ninama and F. Bilimoria

208 Physical disability and social participation in patients affected by leprosy after discontinuation of multidrug therapy L.E. de Castro, A.J.L.A. da Cunha, A.P. Fontana, V.L.R. de Castro Halfoun and M.K. Gomes

218 Prevalence of restless legs syndrome among leprosy patients: a hospital based study T. Padhi and S. Pradhan

Workshop Report

224 The experiences and attitudes of people affected by leprosy who voluntarily undertake leprosy services in Nepal H. Cross and A. Kumar Sah

ILEP Technical Commission – Advisory Paper

232 Model Patient Card/Record (Leprosy) 2nd edition, London: ILEP, 2014