69 Children with leprosy C.R. BUTLIN AND P. SAUNDERSON

Original Articles

74 Reconstructive surgery in children to correct ulnar claw hand deformity due to leprosy G. MANIVANNAN, P. DAS, G. KARTHIKEYAN AND A.S. JOHN

81 What parents should know while their child is on MDT: Insights from a qualitative study in Eastern India V. LAL, S. PAL, N.K. HALDAR, P.K. MANDAL AND G. SRINIVAS

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111 Children and leprosy in southern Nigeria: burden, challenges and prospects N. EKEKE, J. CHUKWU, C. NWAFOR, C. OGBUDEBE, D. OSHI, A. MEKA AND N. MADICHIE

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118 Leprosy in children under fifteen years in Brazil, 2011 M. LEVANTEZI, T. MOREIRA, S.S. NETO AND A.L. DE JESUS

123 Childhood leprosy situation in Myanmar in 2012 T.L. TUN

126 Obituary – Professor Antonio Salafi a (1941–2014)

127 Obituary – Dr. Jacinto Convit (1913–2014)

129 Obituary – Dr. Jacinto Convit