1 Editor’s choice – March 2014 P. SAUNDERSON


2 Role of contact tracing and prevention strategies in the interruption of leprosy transmission W. C. S. SMITH AND A. AERTS

Original Papers

18 A Delphi exercise to refine the WHO three-point Disability Grading system for leprosy, and to develop guidelines to promote greater accuracy and reliability of WHO Disability recording. H. CROSS, F. ARIEF, K. BEISE, W. BRANDSMA, J. N. CHUKWU, J. EBENSO, M. A. D. F. GROSSI, H.-J. KAWUMA, L. LEHMAN, S. MANI, S. K. PAUL, A. PIEFER, W. V. BRAKEL AND J. LI

29 Reliability of Clinical Nerve Function Assessment in Peripheral Neuropathies J. WIM BRANDSMA, I. WAGENAAR, E. POST, P. NICHOLLS AND J. H. RICHARDUS

36 Stigma in leprosy: concepts, causes and determinants S. SERMRITTIRONG AND W. H. VAN BRAKEL

48 Prostatic and testicular parameters in lepromatous patients E. AGLAMIS, C. TASDEMIR, M. O. YUCEL, C. CEYLAN AND I. ERDEN

Case Reports

54 Fulminant hepatic failure in a 15 year old boy with borderline lepromatous leprosy and Type 2 reaction V. MENDIRATTA, M. MALIK, A. GURTOO AND R. CHANDER

58 Recurrence of Strongyloides stercoralis infection in a patient with Hansen’s disease: A case report V. J. N. DE SOUZA, P. R. L. MACHADO, M. C. A. TEIXEIRA AND N. M. SOARES

63 Leprosy and lymphatic fi lariasis comorbidity: the case for an integrated functional limitation grading system T. M. RAWSON AND P. V. RANGANADHA RAO

68 Obituary – Michel Lechat (1928–2014)