255 Editor’s choice – December 2013 P. SAUNDERSON

256 Correlation between the spatial distribution of leprosy and socioeconomic indicators in the city of Vitória, State of ES, Brazil P.B. SAMPAIO, A.I. BERTOLDE, E.L.N. MACIEL AND E. ZANDONADE

266 Combining peer-led self-care interventions for people affected by leprosy or diabetes in leprosy-endemic countries. What do health care professionals think? W. DE BRUIN, E. DIJKKAMP, E. POST AND W.H. VAN BRAKEL

283 Self-care groups of leprosy-affected people in Mozambique S. DEEPAK, P. ESTIVAR HANSINE AND C. BRACCINI

292 The quality of life of people with leprosy-related residual impairment and disability in Malawi – Is there a difference between people living in a leprosarium and those re-integrated into their communities? D. CHINGU, M. DUNCAN AND S. AMOSUN

302 Superposition of Leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases in the State of Rio de Janeiro: a case series report D.G. DI LUCA, P.J.S. DE ANDRADE, A.M. SALES, V.M. DE MENEZES, M.C.G. GALHARDO, M.I.F. PIMENTEL, M.R. LYRA AND J.A. DA COSTA NERY

308 Country Profile: Leprosy in Brazil M.L. FERNANDES PENNA, M.A. DE FARIA GROSSI AND G.O. PENNA

Case Report

316 Optic nerve involvement in a borderline lepromatous leprosy patient on multidrug therapy N. PRABHA, V.K. MAHAJAN, S.K. SHARMA, V. SHARMA, P.S. CHAUHAN, K.S. MEHTA, C. ABINAV, G. KHATRI, B. CHANDER AND R. TULI

Letter to the Editor

322 Mistreatment of Immigrants: the History of Leprosy in Canada B. KULA AND J.L. ROBINSON

325 Obituary – J.A.G. Bell-Krotoski

327 Obituary for Judith Bell-Krotoski

328 Obituary – Prof. Ye Ganyun