115 The 18th International Leprosy Congress: Brussels 2013 – a special event C. Smith

Short Reports
119 Quality of Life and its domains in leprosy patients after neurolysis: A study using WHOQOL-BREF
F. J. J. Reis, A. J. L. A. Cunha, A. P. Gosling, A. Paula Fontana and M. K. Gomes

124 Detection of previously undetected leprosy cases in Firozabad District (U.P.), India during
2006–2009: A short communication A. Kumar, A. Girdhar, J. K. Chakma and B. K. Girdhar

Original Papers
128 Late onset neuropathy in leprosy patients released from treatment: not all due to reactions?
F. De Mendonça Cardoso, M. R. G. De Freitas, T. M. Escada, M. T. Nevares and O. J. Nascimento

136 Nerve abscess in primary neuritic leprosy D. Rai, H. S. Malhotra, R. K. Garg, M. M. Goel,
K. P. Malhotra, V. Kumar, A. K. Singh, A. Jain, N. Kohli and S. K. Singh

Case Reports
141 Schwannoma and nerve abscess of leprosy: differential diagnosis C. M. O. Lima, P. C. T. Da Costa,
L. Carneiro and M. L. W. De Oliveira

145 Pancytopenia due to lepromatous involvement of the bone marrow: Successful treatment with
multidrug therapy M. P. Binitha, S. Saritha, N. Riyaz and V. Mary

151 Ackerman’s tumour of buccal mucosa in a leprosy patient M. Dhillon, R. S. Mohan, S. M. Raju,
B. Krishnamoorthy and M. Lakhanpal

158 Leprosy nerve abscess in Indian male, misdiagnosed as tuberculous lymphadenitis and neuroma
S. Chugh, K. D. Barman, K. Goel and V. K. Garg

161 Use of high resolution ultrasonography as an additional tool in the diagnosis of primary neuritic
leprosy: a case report S. Jain, L. H. Visser, M. R. Yerasu, R. Raju, A. K. Meena, B. Lokesh and S. Suneetha

166 A conceptual protocol for translational research in the complex reality of leprosy P. Kuipers,
P. S. S. Rao, M. S. Raju, A. S. John and L. P. Sabuni