Call For Papers
1 Children and leprosy

2 Editor’s Choice March 2013


3 Biomarkers for Leprosy: would you prefer T (cells)? A. GELUK

Original Papers

13 The concurrent validity of the Amharic version of Screening of Activity Limitation and Safety Awareness (SALSA) in persons affected by leprosy U. WIJK, J. WIM BRANDSMA, & O. DAHLSTRÖM  AND M. BJÖRK

23 BCG immunotherapy as an adjunct to chemotherapy in BL-LL patients – its effect on clinical regression, reaction severity, nerve function, lepromin conversion, bacterial/antigen clearance and ‘persister’ M. leprae V. P. SHETTY, N. F. MISTRY, A. V. WAKADE, S. DATTATRAY GHATE, G. DOLLY CAPADIA AND V. V. PAI

41 Pure neuritic leprosy in patients from a high endemic region of Colombia G. RODRIGUEZ, R. PINTO, Y. GOMEZ, M. L. RENGIFO, O. L. ESTRADA, M. SARMIENTO, F. LOPEZ, J. C. BELTRAN-ALZATE AND N. CARDONA-CASTRO

51 A study on histological features of lepra reactions in patients attending the Dermatology Department of the Government Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India S. SARITA, K. MUHAMMED, R. NAJEEBA, G. NAIR RAJAN, K. ANZA, M. PAYYANADAN BINITHA AND G. APARNA

65 Clinical characteristics and outcome in multibacillary (MB) leprosy patients treated with 12 months WHO MDT-MBR: a retrospective analysis of 730 patients from a leprosy clinic at a tertiary care hospital of Northern India S. DOGRA, M. SENDHIL KUMARAN, T. NARANG, B. D. RADOTRA AND B. KUMAR

76 Health related quality of life amongst people affected by leprosy in South Ghana: A needs assessment A. I. BELLO, S. A. DENGZEE AND F. T. IYOR

85 Bacterial load in the nose and its correlation to the immune response in leprosy patients M. DE MELO NAVES, F. A. DEL FAVERI RIBEIRO, L. G. PATROCINIO, J. A. PATROCINIO, R. N. FLEURY AND I. M. BERNARDES GOULART

Case Reports

92 A case of stigma in an urban metropolis in India. What new tools should be used? A. S. JOHN, M. S. RAJU AND P. S. S. SUNDAR RAO

95 Borderline leprosy masquerading as cheilitis granulomatosa: A case report R. RAO, G. J. KAUR, A. C. RAO, B. CHANDRASHEKAR, L. RAO AND S. HANDATTU

100 Extensive Ulnar Nerve Necrosis: A Complication of Tuberculoid Leprosy A. PARASHAR, A. BASU, U. NAHAR SAIKIA AND R. K. SHARMA

Letter to the Editor

105 Using Methotrexate to treat patients with ENL unresponsive to steroids and clofazimine: A Report on 9 patients D. HOSSAIN

113 Obituary