323 Notice of Omission

324 Editor’s Departure Note


326 Informed consent in Leprosy Studies J. PORTER

331 The leprosy mailing list S. DEEPAK, S. NOTO, B. NAAFS AND P. SCHREUDER


335 Leprosy among migrant workers: ensuring proper treatment Y. AL QUBATI

Short Report

340 A multi-centre study on quality of routine data collection on relapses S. DEEPAK AND G. GAZZOLI

Original Papers

344 Persisting leprosy transmission despite increased control measures in an endemic cluster in Brazil: the unfinished agenda C.H. ALENCAR, A.N. RAMOS JR, J.C. BARBOSA, L.R.F.S. KERR, M.L.W. DE OLIVEIRA AND J. HEUKELBACH

354 Revalidation of various clinical criteria for the classification of leprosy – A clinic-pathological study R. GUPTA, H.K. KAR AND M. BHARADWAJ

363 Restless legs syndrome in people affected by leprosy S.-M. CHOI, B.C. KIM, S.-S. KWEON, M.-H. SHIN, J.-H. PARK, H.-S. SONG, DONG-CHAN O, H. KWON, M.-H. LEE, Y.-J. LEE, P.-K. JUNG AND H.-C. PARK

370 Dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome among leprosy patients in China W. TIAN, J. SHEN, M. ZHOU, L. YAN AND G. ZHANG

Case Reports

378 Type II reaction without erythema nodosum leprosum masquerading as lymphoma R. MAHAJAN, S. DOGRA, I. KAUR, S. YADAV, U.N. SAIKIA AND A. BUDANIA

384 Gynaecothelia – A common yet ignored sign of multibacillary leprosy in males: A case series with review of literature A.K. JAISWAL AND N.T. SUBBARAO

389 Nodular secondary syphilis simulating lepromatous leprosy K.M. DUPNIK, M.M.C. MARTINS, A.T.D.S. SOUZA, S.M.B. JERÔNIMO AND M.L. NOBRE

Letter to the Editor

394 In response to ‘An overview of training and development needs’ (Ebenso, J. Leprosy Review. June 2012) H. ROBERTSON, M. ANNE CHAMBERLAIN AND P.S.S. SUNDAR RAO

Workshop Report

396 International workshop on erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) – consensus report; the formation of ENLIST, the ENL International STudy Group S.L. WALKER, P. SAUNDERSON, I.P. KAHAWITA AND D.N.J. LOCKWOOD

408 The 100th Anniversary of Armauer Hansen’s (1841–1912) Death M. SCHMIDT

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