1 Editor’s Choice March 2012: The Different challenges in Leprosy around the World D.N.J. LOCKWOOD


2 An overview of training and development needs J. EBENSO

3 Leprosy figures: no time for self-complacency E. DECLERCQ

Original Papers

6 A Research Strategy to Develop New Tools to Prevent Leprosy, Improve Patient Care and Reduce the Consequences of Leprosy FIVE YEAR LEPROSY RESEARCH STRATEGY APPROVED BY ILEP BOARD OCTOBER 2011. COORDINATOR: PROF. W.C.S. SMITH

16 Motives and determinants for residence change after leprosy diagnosis, central Brazil C. MURTO, L. ARIZA, A.R. OLIVEIRA, O.A. CHICHAVA, C.H. ALENCAR, L.F. MARQUES DA SILVA, M. TANNER AND J. HEUKELBACH

24 The production of social discourse on Hansen’s disease and health education materials in Brazil: A skin patch as something harmless or a serious disease? A.K. SANTOS, A.P.G. RIBEIRO AND S. MONTEIRO

34 Lack of effects of the TNF-á and IL-10 gene polymorphisms in Mexican patients with lepromatous leprosy J.S. VELARDE FÉLIX, S. CÁZAREZ-SALAZAR, J.J. RÍOS-TOSTADO, A. FLORES-GARCIA, H. RANGEL-VILLALOBOS AND J. MURILLO-LLANES

40 The pattern of bacterial isolates and drug sensitivities of infected ulcers in patients with leprosy in ALERT, Kuyera and Gambo Hospitals, Ethiopia T. LEMA, Y. WOLDEAMANUEL, D. ASRAT, M. HUNEGNAW, A. BARAKI, Y. KEBEDE, L. YAMUAH AND A. ASEFFA

52 Evaluation of Leprosy Surveillance System in the Amazon region, Brazil, 2001–2007 F.T.D.M. FREITAS, S.A. DE SENA NETO, M.A. DE FARIA GROSSI, E.M. MACÁRIO AND A.A. DA NÓBREGA

64 One year follow up of a cohort of suspected leprosy cases: findings from a Leprosy ‘Selective Special Drive’ in Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra, India V.P. SHETTY AND S.S. PANDYA

71 Analysis of newly detected leprosy in Sohag Governorate, Upper Egypt, 2004–2008 R.E. EL-DAWELA, A.S. MOHAMED AND F. YOUSEF

Short Paper

80 Effectiveness of Social Skills Training for reduction of self-perceived Stigma in Leprosy Patients in rural India – a preliminary study V. AUGUSTINE, M. LONGMORE, M. EBENEZER AND J. RICHARD

Case Reports

93 Leprotic neuropathy misdiagnosed as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy S.H. KIM, H.Y. SHIN, S.M. KIM, K.-H. KWON AND Y.K. MINN

98 Florid reactive periostitis ossificans of long bones and digits associated with reaction in a patient with leprosy J.K. CHAKMA, G.N. MALAVIYA, A. GIRDHAR AND S. HUSSEIN

104 Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma and Lepromatous Leprosy: A Rare Coexistence N. MAHAJAN, S. RAO, P. SOBTI, N. KHURANA, V.K. GARG AND S. JAIN

108 Trigeminal trophic syndrome complicating a case of borderline tuberculoid leprosy P. VERMA, D. PANDHI AND A. SINGAL

113 Obituary R. GANAPATI

115 Obituary R. GANAPATI