203 Editor’s Choice September 2011 D.N.J. LOCKWOOD


205 What is the evidence that the putative Mycobacterium lepromatosis species causes diffuse lepromatous leprosy? T.P. GILLIS, D.M. SCOLLARD AND D.N.J. LOCKWOOD

Original Papers

213 Does clofazimine prevent Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL) in leprosy? A retrospective study, comparing the experience of multibicillary patients receiving either 12 or 24 months WHO-MDT M. BALAGON, P.R. SAUNDERSON AND R.H. GELBER

222 Perceptions, health seeking behaviour and access to diagnosis and treatment initiation among previously undetected leprosy cases in rural Maharashtra, India S.R. ATRE, S.G. RANGAN, V.P. SHETTY, N. GAIKWAD AND N.F. MISTRY

235 Clinical, bacteriological and histopathological study of 62 referral relapse cases between Jan 2004 and Dec 2009 at the Foundation for Medical Research, Mumbai V.P. SHETTY, A.V. WAKADE, S.D. GHATE AND V.V. PAI

244 Changes in the size and number of skin lesions in PB leprosy on treatment and follow-up P.N. RAO, S. SUNEETHA AND D.V.S. PRATAP

253 The activity of several newer antimicrobials against logarithmically multiplying M. leprae in mice J. BURGOS, E. DE LA CRUZ, R. PAREDES, C.R. ANDAYA AND R.H. GELBER

259 Childhood leprosy in a tertiary-care hospital in Delhi, India: A reappraisal in the post-elimination era A. SINGAL, S. SONTHALIA AND D. PANDHI

270 WHO disability grade does not influence physical activity in Brazilian leprosy patients G.D. DO PRADO, R.B.R. PRADO, L.H.S.C. MARCIANO, S.M.T. NARDI, J.A. CORDEIRO AND H.L. MONTEIRO

279 Efficacy of Temporalis Muscle Transfer for correction of lagophthalmos in leprosy P. DAS, J. KUMAR, G. KARTHIKEYAN AND P.S.S. RAO

286 Community-based needs assessment of Leprosy patients in Chamrajanagar District, Karnataka, India M.S. GAUTHAM, M. DAYANADA, D. GOPINATH, N.S. SHIVRAJ, B. RIYAZ AND S. PRUTHVISH

296 A study on inclusion of leprosy in the curricula of pre-service health training institutions in Uganda H.J.S. KAWUMA AND M.G. NABUKENYA-MUDIOPE

Case Reports

304 Azathioprine as a steroid sparing agent in leprosy Type 2 reactions: Report of nine cases S.M.B. DURA˜ ES, S.D.A.N. SALLES, V.R.B. LEITE AND M.O. GAZZETA

310 Chromoblastomycosis in a case of borderline lepromatous leprosy with recurrent Type II lepra reaction G. APTE, J.R. GEDAM, S. POOJARY, N.G. NAGPUR, V.V. PAI AND R. GANAPATHI

Letters to the editor

316 Restoring Dignity: community arts in leprosy control N. AWOFESO AND R. FERNANDEZ

319 Pain in leprosy patients: shall we always consider as a neural damage? F.J.J. REIS, L.M.V. SAADI, M.K. GOMES, A.P. GOSLING AND A.J.L.A. CUNHA

322 Take suicide prevention seriously in leprosaria J. WANG

News and Notes

324 Leprosy: science working towards dignity Working to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases