279 Editor’s Choice December 2010 W. C. S. SMITH

Call for Papers

280 For a Special Issue of Leprosy Review on STIGMA


281 Sustaining anti-leprosy activities requires radical changes W. C. S. SMITH

284 Sustainability in fighting leprosy – Revitalising high ambitions Y. LUNAU

287 Leprosy and the Millennium Development Goals S. ARULANANTHAM


290 Sustainability of leprosy control: the role of the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP) D. SOUTAR

Original Papers

292 Referral system: A vital link in the sustainability of leprosy services P. S. S. SUNDAR RAO

299 Health care utilisation in Indian leprosy patients in the era of elimination L. RENITA, S. A. PULIMOOD, E. P. EAPEN, J. MULIYIL AND K. R. JOHN

306 Integration of Leprosy into GHS in India: A Follow up study (2006–2007) A. PANDEY AND H. RATHOD

318 Lessons from the evolution of a CBR programme for people affected by leprosy in Northern Nigeria B. EBENSO, M. IDAH, T. ANYOR AND F. OPAKUNMI

Country Perspectives

332 Sustainability of leprosy services in South Pacific islands: the Kiribati Experience R. FARRUGIA

336 Prospects for sustaining leprosy control in Uganda H. J. KAWUMA

340 An example of political decision to control leprosy in a small municipality in Brazil F. R. G. XIMENES N., D. T. AGUIAR, F. R. MARTINS, D. F. BENJAMIM AND M. L. W. OLIVEIRA

342 Commitment to reducing disability: the Brazilian experience M. L. W. OLIVEIRA, M. A. F. GROSSI, C. F. OLIVEIRA, S. A. SENA N., E. DAXBACHER AND G. O. PENNA

346 Role of Community Youth Volunteers in rehabilitation of people affected by leprosy: a case study from China J. WANG, M. PAN, G. ZHANG, Y. TAN AND L. YAN

348 Obituary K. PRABHAKARAN

News and Notes

349 UN human Rights council recognises guidelines and principles for the elimination of discrimination against persons affected by leprosy

350 Who publishes report on neglected tropical diseases

351 Community-based rehabilitation guidelines launched at Abuja conference

352 Author Index 2010