87 Editor’s Choice June 2010 D. N. J. LOCKWOOD


89 ‘Environmental’ sources of Mycobacterium leprae: Issues and evidence R. TRUMAN AND P. FINE

96 A Mycobacterium leprae VNTR database B. G. HALL

Original Papers

99 ‘Money is the vehicle of interaction’: Insight into social integration of people affected by leprosy in Northern Nigeria B. EBENSO AND M. AYUBA

111 Impacts of the diagnosis of leprosy and of visible impairments amongst people affected by leprosy in Cebu, the Philippines N. BOKU, D. N. J. LOCKWOOD, M. V. BALAGON, F. E. F. PARDILLO, A. A. MAGHANOY, I. B. MALLARI AND H. CROSS

121 Integration of leprosy in general health system vis-à-vis leprosy endemicity, health situation and socioeconomic development: observations from Chhattisgarh & Kerala A. PANDEY AND H. RATHOD

Case Report

129 A case of erythema nodosum leprosum reaction with diffuse alveolar haemorrhage, successfully treated by pulsed methylprednisolone N. NAKWAN, S. THAICHINDA AND N. NAKWAN

Letters to the Editor

137 The history of Mycobacterium leprae Thai-53 strain M. MATSUOKA

138 Adding quality to leprosy control: prevention of disability H. CROSS


144 Obituary R. E. PFALTZGRAFF

145 Obituary R. E. PFALTZGRAFF

146 Obituary D. S. RIDLEY

148 Obituary J. BAOHONG

News and Notes

150 The History of a leprosy sanatorium in India. A literature Review R. PREMKUMAR

160 Dr. PV Ranganadha Rao Appointed LEPRA’s International Medical Director

161 Vice-President of India Presents International Gandhi Awards 2009

Workshop Report

162 National Workshop on ‘Best practices to ensure sustainable quality care for leprosy affected persons at the district level referral centres through general health care system’ A. A. SAMY AND P. L. JOSHI