1 Editor’s Choice March 2010 D.N.J. LOCKWOOD


3 Immigration and human rights in leprosy D. SOUTAR


5 Hansen’s disease recoverers as agents of change: a case study in Japan M. HOSODA

17 Déjà Vu: Leprosy and Immigration Discourse in the Twenty-First Century
United States C. WHITE

Original Papers

27 The efficacy of a four-week, ofloxacin-containing regimen compared with standard WHO-MDT in PB leprosy M.F. BALAGON, R.V. CELLONA, R.M. ABALOS, R.H. GELBER AND P.R. SAUNDERSON

34 Assessment of needs and quality care issues of women with leprosy

41 The effect of corticosteroids usage on bacterial killing, clearance and nerve damage in leprosy; Part 3 – Study of two comparable groups of 100 multibacillary (MB) patients each, treated with MDT + steroids vs MDT alone, assessed at 6 months post – release from 12 months MDT V.P. SHETTY, F.A. KHAMBATI, S.D. GHATE, G.D. CAPADIA, V.V. PAI AND R. GANAPATI

59 Leprosy presenting as immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome: proposed definitions and classification P. DEPS AND D.N.J. LOCKWOOD

69 Perceived social restriction in leprosy-affected inhabitants of a former leprosy colony in Northeast Brazil H. LESSHAFFT, J. HEUKELBACH, J.C. BARBOSA, N. RIECKMANN, O. LIESENFELD AND H. FELDMEIER

Short Paper

79 Gold weight implants in the management of lagophthalmos in leprosy patients E.E. TOUKHY

Letter to the Editor

82 Charles Louis Drognat Landré and Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen; contribution from a Dutch colony to the discovery of the leprosy bacterium H.E. MENKE, W.R. FABER AND T. PIETERS