119 Editor’s Choice June 2009 DIANA N. J. LOCKWOOD


120 The contemporary relevance of the mouse foot pad model for cultivating M. leprae V. M. KATOCH

124 Collaborative Programmes of Research in Leprosy: the INFIR Programme W. C. S. SMITH, D. N. J. LOCKWOOD, W. H. VAN BRAKEL, P. G. NICHOLLS AND D. SOUTAR

Original Papers

129 PCR-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis as a tool for Mycobacterium species identification in lepromas for lepromin production S. M. ALBAN, S. R. B. R. SELLA, R. N. MIRANDA, M. T. MIRA AND V. T. SOCCOL

143 Comparative study of Uniform-MDT and WHO MDT in Pauci and Multi bacillary leprosy patients over 24 months of observation P. N. RAO, S. SUNEETHA AND D. V. S. PRATAP

156 Dental and oral condition in leprosy patients from Serra, Brazil V. A. SOUZA, A. EMMERICH, E. M. COUTINHO, M. G. FREITAS, E. H. SILVA, F. G. MERÇON, A. C. SOUZA, V. A. C. BALLA, E. ZANDONADI, R. R. G. PEIXOTO AND P. D. DEPS

164 Occurrence and management of leprosy reaction in China in 2005 J. SHEN, M. LIU, M. ZHOU AND L. WENGZHONG

170 Twenty five years follow up of MB leprosy patients retreated with a modified MDT regimen after a full course of dapsone mono-therapy Z. JING, R. ZHANG, D. ZHOU AND J. CHEN

177 Intra and post operative complications and visual outcomes following cataract surgery in leprosy patients S. ANAND, P. NEETHIODISS AND J. W. XAVIER

187 Self care groups and Ulcer prevention in Okegbala Nigeria J. EBENSO, L. T. MUYIWA AND B. E. EBENSO

197 Test-Retest Reliability of the Screening Activity Limitation and Safety Awareness (SALSA) Scale in North-West Nigeria J. EBENSO AND J. P. VELEMA

Short Paper

205 Rapid killing of M. leprae by moxifloxacin in two patients with lepromatous leprosy F. E. F. PARDILLO, J. BURGOS, T. T. FAJARDO, E. DELA CRUX, R. M. ABALOS, R. M. D. PAREDES, C. E. S. ANDAYA AND R. H. GELBER

Case Reports

210 A case of lepromatous leprosy with multiple relapses M. HULMANI, R. B. MARNE AND S. DANDAKERI

215 Post-traumatic inoculation tuberculoid leprosy after injury with a glass bangle A. GHORPADE

Letter to the Editor

219 The functional outcome of posterior tibial tendon transfer for foot drop in leprosy. The results of one to 5 years follow up F. J. J. REIS, I. G. KNACKFUSS, N. VERÇOSA AND S. MENEZES

221 Obituary S. R. PATTYN


224 Disability and Development Module at the VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

226 Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Courses

228 Rehabilitation and Prevention of Disability (RPOD) Courses

230 Training and Communication Skills Course

News and Notes

232 Quality service to leprosy patients using mobile phones and pagers D. R. GANAPATI

233 A Unique Museum in Mumbai – Acworth Leprosy Museum