1 Editor’s Choice March 2009 DIANA LOCKWOOD


3 Decompressive surgery for treating nerve damage in leprosy. A Cochrane review N. H. J. VAN VEEN, T. A. R. SCHREUDERS, W. J. THEUVENET, A. AGRAWAL AND J. H. RICHARDUS

13 Assistive devices for people affected by leprosy: Underutilised facilitators of functioning? J. BORG AND S. LARSSON

Original Papers

22 Detection of previously undetected leprosy cases in a defined rural and urban area of Maharashtra,Western India V. P. SHETTY, U. H. THAKAR, E. D’SOUZA, S. D. GHATE, S. ARORA, R. P. DOSHI, A. V. WAKADE AND D. V. THAKUR

34 Sensitivity and specificity of nerve palpation, monofilament testing and voluntary muscle testing in detecting peripheral nerve abnormality, using nerve conduction studies as gold standard; A study in 357 patients F. A. KHAMBATI, V. P. SHETTY, S. D. GHATE AND G. D. CAPADIA

51 Evaluation of simplified tests for the diagnosis of nerve function impairment in leprosy: the Sensory Motor Screening (SMS) study N. H. J. VAN VEEN, A. E. ROBERTS, M. E. MAHATO AND J. P. VELEMA

65 Gender and leprosy: case studies in Indonesia , Nigeria , Nepal and Brazil C. M. VARKEVISSER, P. LEVER, O. ALUBO, K. BURATHOKI, C. IDAWANI, T. M. A. MOREIRA, P. PATROBAS AND M. YULIZAR

Case Reports

77 Fracture of calcaneum following drop foot surgery – a case report G. N. MALAVIYA

81 Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis (AGEP) due to Dapsone in a patient with leprosy P. NARASIMHARAO, D. V. S. PRATAP AND S. SUNEETHA

85 Borderline tuberculoid leprosy with upgrading Type 1 reaction in a HIV seropositive patient, after antiretroviral therapy: an Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome H. K. KAR, P. SHARMA AND M. BHARDWAJ

89 Gas gangrene in a leprosy patient T. NARANG, S. DOGRA AND I. KAUR

Letter to the Editor

92 Mosuke Murata, the designator of erythema nodosum leprosum I. KIKUCHI

96 Obituary ROLAND KAZEN

Workshop Report

98 Report of the workshop on sentinel surveillance for drug resistance in leprosy: 20–22 October, 2008, Hanoi , Vietnam