351 Editor’s Choice Dec 2008 D. N. J. LOCKWOOD


353 Evidence based practice in leprosy: where do we stand? N. H. J. VAN VEEN AND J. H. RICHARDUS

358 Global collaborations in leprosy research -- the future is connected H. M. DOCKRELL, L. OSKAM AND J. H. RICHARDUS


361 Corticosteroids for treating nerve damage in leprosy. A Cochrane review N. H. J. VAN VEEN, P. G. NICHOLLS, W. C. S. SMITH AND J. H. RICHARDUS

372 Leprosy Type 1 (reversal) reactions and their management S. L. WALKER AND D. N. J. LOCKWOOD

387 Analysis of the leprosy literature indexed in Medline (1950-2007) D. SCHOONBAERT AND V. DEMEDTS

401 The role of free-living pathogenic amoeba in the transmission of leprosy: a proof of principle R. LAHIRI AND J. L. KRAHENBUHL

410 Can leprosy be eradicated with chemotherapy? An evaluation of the Malta Leprosy Eradication Project R. R. JACOBSON AND P. GATT

416 The validity and reliability of a simple semantic classification of foot posture H. A. CROSS AND L. LEHMAN

425 A retrospective study of the effect of modified multi-drug therapy in Nepali leprosy patients following the development of adverse effects due to dapsone B. R. SAPKOTA, K. SHRESTHA, B. PANDEY AND S. L. WALKER

Case Reports

429 Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome or upgrading Type 1 reaction? Report of two AIDS patients presenting a shifting from borderline lepromatous leprosy to borderline tuberculoid leprosy C. TALHARI, L. C. DE LIMA FERREIRA, J. R. ARAUJO, A. C. TALHARI AND S. TALHARI

436 Dapsone-induced haemolytic anaemia, hepatitis and agranulocytosis in a leprosy patient with normal glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase activity R. R. RANAWAKA, S. MENDIS AND H. S. WEERAKOON

441 Three patients in a Chinese family with hereditary sensory neuropathy mimicking leprosy J. SHEN, G. ZHANG, R. YANG, T. HU AND M. ZHOU

Letter to the Editor

447 More to functional problems in ulnar paralysis G. N. MALAVIYA

448 Cost-effective management of leprosy by involving interns V. V. PAI, R. GANAPATI, E. LASRY AND S. N. PRASAD

450 Letter to the Editor V. PANNIKAR

Workshop Report

452 Report of the ninth meeting of the WHO technical advisory group on leprosy control: Cairo, Egypt, 6-7 March 2008

471 Informal consultation on innovative approaches to further reduce leprosy burden in countries: 17-18 September 2008, New Delhi, India

486 News and Notes