233 Call for papers: New Insights into the Epidemiology of Leprosy JAN RICHARDUS

234 Editor’s Choice September 2008 DIANA N. J. LOCKWOOD AND IRENE ALLEN


235 Leprosy’s global statistics – still room for improvement P. E. M. FINE

239 Leprosy and human rights D. SOUTAR


242 The biology of nerve injury in leprosy: a review of the literature D. M. SCOLLARD

Original Papers

254 Erythema nodosum leprosum in Nepal : a retrospective study of clinical features and response to treatment with prednisolone or thalidomide M. FEUTH , J. WIM BRANDSMA ,W. R. FABER, B. BHATTARAI , T. FEUTH AND A. M. ANDERSON

270 Neuropathic pain in people treated for multibacillary leprosy more than ten years previously P. SAUNDERSON , E. BIZUNEH AND R. LEEKASSA

277 Voluntary muscle testing and dynamometry in diagnosis of motor impairment in leprosy: a comparative study within the INFIR Cohort Study M. SURESH , P. G. NICHOLLS , L. DAS AND W. H. VAN BRAKEL

295 Government health workers as implementers of prevention of disability measures: an assessment of a prevention of disability project in selected counties of Guizhou Province , Peoples’s Republic of China J. LI , H. MU , W. KE , X. BAO , Y. WANG , L. MEI SHEN AND H. CROSS

303 An 8–12 year follow-up of highly bacillated Indian leprosy patients treated with WHO Multi-Drug therapy K. V. DESIKAN , P. SUNDARESH , I. TULASIDAS AND P. V. RANGANADHA RAO

Short Reports

311 Activation of complement by Mycobacterium leprae requires disruption of the bacilli R. LAHIRI , F. G. SANDOVAL , J. L. KRAHENBUHL AND E. J. SHANNON

315 Assessment of subclinical leprosy infection through the measurement of PGL-1 antibody levels in residents of a former leprosy colony in Thailand K. KAMPIRAPAP

Case Reports

320 Relapses in multibacillary leprosy patients after Multidrug therapy M. POOJABYLAIAH , R. BHAT MARNE , R. VARIKKODAN , N. BALA , S. DANDAKERI AND J. MARTIS

325 Surgical treatment of three cases of plantar foot ulceration in leprosy R. VIEIRA AND P. FELICÍSSIMO

331 Two microbiological relapses in a patient with lepromatous leprosy J. K. CHAKMA , A. GIRDHAR, M. NATRAJAN , A. KUMAR AND B. K. GIRDHAR

Letter to the Editor

335 Schwann cell invasion by M. leprae : the probable Trojan horse B. R. EAPEN

338 Can urban health posts manage leprosy detection and treatment after integration with general health services? – A study in Bombay R. GANAPATI , V. V. PAI , A. NANDA AND R. R. PAI

340 Can primary health centres offer care to the leprosy-disabled after integration with general health services? – A study in rural India R. GANAPATI , V. V. PAI AND A. TRIPATHI

342 Making HIV-AIDS Outreach efforts more effective: including people with a disability: High-level training workshop on HIV/AIDS and Disability 19th to 20th November 2008


345 Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Course

347 Rehabilitation and Prevention of Disability (RPOD) Course