123 Editor’s Choice June 2008


124 Global and regional annual ‘new case detection’ of leprosy reported by World Health Organization. S. Noto and E. Nunzi


128 Global themes in International Public Health. W. C. S. smith, A. S. Poobalan and E. van Teijlingen

130 Interviews with two key leaders in leprosy: Professor PL Joshi and Professor Maria Leide. S. L. Walker


134 The effect of corticosteroid usage on the bacterial killing, clearance and nerve damage in leprosy: A prospective cohort study: Part 1 -- Study design and baseline findings of 400 untreated multiibacillary patients. F. A. Khambati, V. P. Shetty, S. D. Ghate, G. D. Capadia, V. V. Pai and R. Ganapati

154 A qualitative study of common functional problems experienced by people with complete ulnar nerve paralysis. C. A. McCormick, S. Rath, P. N. Patra, J. Pereira and M. Wilkinson

162 A comparison of ML Flow serology and slit skin smears to assess the bacterial load in newly diagnosed leprosy patients in Brazil. S. Lyon, A. C. Lyon, R. C. da Silva, M. A. D. F. Grossi, S. H. Lyon, S. Buhrer-Sékula and M. O. C. Rocha

171 An evaluation of the Sinan health information system as used by the Hansen’s disease control programme, Pernambuco State, Brazil. P. R. S. Galvao, A. T. Ferreira, M. D. G. G. Maciel, R. P. de Almeida, D. Hinders, P. A. M. Schreuder and L. R. S. Kerr-Pontes

183 A clinical and radiological follow-up study in leprosy patients with asymptomatic neuropathic feet. F. J. Slim, A. F. Hoeksma, M. Maas and W. R. Faber

Case Report

193 A case report of venous thrombosis in a leprosy patient treated with corticosteroid and thalidomide.T. P. Vetrichevvel, G. A. Pise and D. M. Thappa

Letter to the Editor

196 Mycobacterial infections causing cutaneous disease; or how is leprosy transmitted? J. W. Brandsma, E. Bizuneh, F. Temam and B. Naafs

199 Obituary -- Dr. N. Antia

204 List of participants -- GoI/ICMR/WHO Workshop at Mahabalipuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

205 Pre-Congress Workshop I -- ‘New Diagnostics and Molecular Epidemiology’, 17th International Leprosy Congress, January 29, 2008 (organisers Drs. John Spencer, Thomas Gillis, and Vara Vissa)

211 Pre-Congress Workshop on Stigma, Identity and Human Rights, 29th and 30th January 2008. D. Soutar and N. Mary

216 Pre-Congress Workshop on Reactions and Neuritis. D. Lockwood chair and D. Scollard Rapporteur

221 Pre-Congress Workshop V -- Integration

223 Future Research Needs in Leprosy: Highlights of the Pre Congress Workshop No. 7, January 29th and 30th 2008; International Leprosy Congress, 2008, Hyderabad, India. P. S. S. Sundar Rao and R. Chandna

230 Sustaining Quality Leprosy Control - Important WHO Workshops Play Key Role. D. Soutar


231 The Leprosy Mission International Announcement for the Wellesley Bailey Awards 2009. G. Forbes