1 Editorial

4 Highlights from the 17th International Leprosy Congress. S. L. Walker

10 Global trends in disability rehabilitation and their implications for leprosy programmes. M.Thomas and M. J. Thomas

17 The participatory development of international guidelines for CBR, C. Khasnabis and K. H. Motsch

30 Inclusion of persons affected by leprosy in CBR. H. Cornielje. A. Piefer. C. Khasnabis, M. Thomas and J. P. Velema

36 Community based rehabilitation programmes: monitoring and evaluation in order to measure results. H. Cornielje, J. P. Velema and H. Finkenflugel

50 Approaches and tools for measuring disability in low and middle-income countries. W. H. V. Brakel and A. Officer

65 Evidence for the effectiveness of rehabilitation-in-the-community programmes. J. P. Velema, B.Ebenso and P. L. Fuzikawa

83 Integrating community-based rehabilitation and leprosy rehabilitation services into an inclusive development approach. H. Finkenflugel and S. Rule

92 Funding for self-employment of people with disabilities. Grants, loans, revolving funds or linkage with microfinance programmes. T. de Klerk

110 The sustainability of self-care in two counties of Guizhou Province, Peoples’ Republic of China. J. Li, H. Mu, W. Ke, X. Bao, Y. Wang, Z. Wang, B. Zeng and H. Cross

Letter to the Editor

118 Observing the skin: Papules and nodules in leprosy

119 Impact-oriented steering- the concept of NGO-IDEAs ‘Impact Toolbox’

122 New WHO/ILEP technical guide on CBR and leprosy