315 Editor’s Choice D. N. J. Lockwood


317 Classifying leprosy patients -- searching for the perfect solution? D. N. J. Lockwood, E. Sarno and W. C. Smith

321 The prevention of disability for people affected by leprosy: whose attitude needs to change? H. Cross


330 The impact of leprosy control on the transmission of M. leprae: is elimination being attained? J. H. Richardus and J. D. F. Habbema


338 Is there a role for a vaccine in leprosy control? T. Gillis

343 The frequency of drug resistance mutations in Mycobacterium leprae isolates in untreated and relapsed leprosy patients from Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines M. Matsuoka, T. Budiawan, K. S. Aye, K. Kyaw, E. V. Tan, E. D. Cruz, R. Gelber, P. Saunderson, V. Balagon and V. Pannikar

353 Sustainable leprosy related disability care within integrated general health services: findings from Salem District , India K. Madhavan, P. Vijayakumaran, L. Ramachandran, C. Mamckam, R. Rajmohan, J. Mathew and P. Krishnamurthy

362 Dorsal sensory impairment in hands and feet of people affected by Hansen’s disease in Israel R. Wexler and H. Melchior

369 Histopathological and clinical findings in leprosy patients with chronic neuropathic pain: a study from Hyderabad , India C. Lund , M. Koskinen, S. Suneetha, D. N. J. Lockwood, M. Haanpaa, H. Haapasalo and A. Hietaharju

Short Reports

381 Effect of cryo preservation on Mycobacterium leprae growth in the footpads of non-immunosuppressed mice A. V. Wakadk and V, P. Shetty

386 Increased level of urinary nitric oxide metabolites in leprosy patients during Type 2 reactions and decreased after antireactional therapy K. K. Mohanty, M. Gupta, B. K. Girdhar, A. Girdhar, J. K. Chakma and U. Sengupta

391 Erythrocyte superoxide dismutase, catalase activities and hydrogen peroxide induced lipid peroxidation in leprosy C. V. B. Prasad, M. V. Kodliwadmath and G. B. Kodliwadmath

Case Reports

398 Inoculation indeterminate leprosy localised to a smallpox vaccination scar A. Ghorpade

401 Dapsone induced acute photosensitivity dermatitis; a case report and review of literature D. de, S. Dogra and I. Kaur

Letter to the Editor

405 Leprosy in Saudi Arabia F. A. Aboud and K. A. Aboud

409 Obituary

414 News and Notes

Workshop Report

416 International workshop on neuropathology in leprosy -- consensus report W. H. van Brakel, P. Saunderson, V. Shetty, J. W. Brandsma, E. Post, R. Jellema and J. McKnight

434 Corrigendum