83 Editor’s Choice

85 Editorial


88 ILEP organisations should strive for high BCG coverage in communities at risk of leprosy. J. P. VELEMA AND O. I. OGBEIWI

102 Comparative study of the cutaneous sensation of leprosy-suspected lesions using Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments and quantitative thermal testing. M. F. VILLARROEL, M. B. P. ORSINI, R. C. LIMA AND C. M. F. ANTUNES

110 Impaired warm and cold perception thresholds in leprosy skin lesions. M. F. VILLARROEL, M. BEATRIZ P. ORSINI, M. A. F. GROSSI AND C. M. F. ANTUNES

122 Ensuring inter-tester reliability of voluntary muscle and monofilament sensory testing in the INFIR Cohort Study. A. E. ROBERTS, P. G. NICHOLLS, P. MADDALI AND W. H. VAN BRAKEL

131 Incidence of leprosy in Agra District. A. KUMAR, A. GIRDHAR AND B. K. GIRDHAR

137 Serum samples from patients with mycobacterial infections cross-react with HIV structural proteins Gp41, p55 and p18. T. HUSSAIN, S. SINHA, K. KATOCH, V. S. YADAV, K. K. KULSHRESHTHA, I. SINGH, U. SENGUPTA AND V. M. KATOCH

Case Reports

148 Emergency in leprosy: involvement of the larynx. R. N. FLEURY AND F. DUERKSEN

151 Shifting of the clinical spectrum of leprosy in an HIV-positive patient: a manifestation of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome?. C. TALHARI, P. R. L. MACHADO, L. C. FERREIRA AND S. TALHARI

155 Magnetic resonance imaging of ulnar nerve abscess in leprosy: a case report. S. HARI, S. SUBRAMANIAN AND R. SHARMA

Letters to the Editor

160 Long-term follow-up of ROM treated cases

161 A scale to assess the severity of leprosy reactions

165 A-MDT, a slowly ticking time bomb?

167 ‘Leprosy elimination’– need for sample survey

170 Ref: Role of azathioprine in preventing recurrence of ENL in a patient–article by K. K. VERMA et al. Lepr Rev (2006) 77: 225–229

171 A review of the trend in leprosy new case detection in an Indian village over 23 years

Workshop Report

173 Report on the use of chemoprophylaxis in the control of leprosy held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 14 December 2006. L. OSKAM AND B. MI

186 Book Review

188 Problem of disposing of PCs

189 Conference 2007 invitation