87 Editor’s Choice


89 Can social marketing approaches change community attitudes towards leprosy? W. BROWN

99 From contagious to chronic: a life course experience with leprosy in Taiwanese women. C. SHIEH, H.-H. WANG AND C.-F. LIN

114 Blink reflex, H-reflex and nerve-conduction alterations in leprosy patients. A. B. MORA-BRAMBILA, B. TRUJILLO-HERNÁNDEZ, R. COLL-CARDENAS, M. HUERTA, X. TRUJILLO, C. VÁSQUEZ, B. A. OLMEDO-BUENROSTRO, R. O. MILLAN-GUERRERO AND A. ELIZALDE

121 Cyclosporine A treatment of leprosy patients with chronic neuritis is associated with pain control and reduction in antibodies against nerve growth factor. C. B. CASTRO DE SENA, C. G. SALGADO, C. M. PENALBER TAVARES, C. A. VIEIRA DA CRUZ, M. B. XAVIER AND J. L. MARTINS DO NASCIMENTO

130 Patterns of ocular morbidity and blindness in leprosy – a three centre study in Eastern India. K. J. THOMPSON, G. M. ALLARDICE, G. RAJAN BABU, H. ROBERTS, W. KERKETTA AND A. KERKETTA

141 Analysis of gene probes and gene amplification techniques for diagnosis and monitoring of treatment in childhood leprosy. R. KAMAL, R. DAYAL, V. M. KATOCH AND K. KATOCH

147 Effects of risedronate on lumbar bone mineral density, bone resorption, and incidence of vertebral fracture in elderly male patients with leprosy. A. KANAJI, M. HIGASHI, M. NAMISATO, M. NISHIO, K. ANDO AND H. YAMADA

154 Contribution of mini-LECS to cluster approach case finding in Kaduna State, Nigeria. E. M. VAN DER GRINTEN AND A. D. BELEL

Letter to the Editor

160 A study of leprosy in children, from a tertiary pediatric hospital in India. K. SARDANA


163 Professor Diltor Vladimir Araujo Opromolla. G. PENNA

166 Dr Colin McDougall. D. N. J. LOCKWOOD AND I. ALLEN

Book review

168 Don’t Fence Me In: Leprosy in Modern Times. J. ROBERTSON

170 Corrigendum