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267 Transformation of a leprosy hospital in Nepal into a rehabilitation centre: the Green Pastures Hospital experience. J. W. Brandsma, R. J. Schwarz, A. M. Anderson & F. B. Herm

277 The INFIR Cohort Study: Assessment of sensory and motor neuropathy in leprosy at baseline. W. H. Van Brakel, P. G. Nicholls, L. Das, P. Barkataki, P. Maddali, D. N. J. Lockwood & E. Wilder-Smith

296 An analysis of the pattern of detection of leprosy patients by institutions in the General Health Services in Sri Lanka after the integration of leprosy services into General Health Services. P. R.Wijesinghe & S. Settinayake

305 Risk factors for participation restriction in leprosy and development of a screening tool to identify individuals at risk. P. G. Nicholls, Z. Bakirtzief, W. H. Van Brakel, R. K. Das-Pattanaya, M. S. Raju, G. Norman & R. K. Mutatkar

316 STEP: An intervention to address the issue of stigma related to leprosy in Southern Nepal. H. Cross & R. Choudhary

325 Assessment of the quality of leprosy services from the clients’ perspective in Thailand. K. Kampirapap, J. Vorasayan, S. Poopook & S. Kachen

335 Qualitative assessment of social, economic and medical needs for the ex-leprosy patients living in leprosy villages in Shandong province, The People’s Republic of China. S. Chen, T. Chu & Q. Wang

Short Report

348 Availability of records and reports in health facilities under Integrated Leprosy Services of India. M. A. Arif


352 ALERT 2006 Calendar for International training

355 International course on Rehabilitation and Prevention of Disability (RPOD) and course in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

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