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Reflections on the ILA African Leprosy Congress. P. SAUNDERSON AND R. LEEKASSA

Original Articles

Epidemiological shift in leprosy in a rural district of central India following introduction of multi-drug therapy (April 1986 to March 1992 and April 1992 to March 2002). A. PANDEY, M. JAMAL UDDIN AND R. PATEL

Curing the stigma of leprosy. J.RAFFERTY

Immunoprophylactic effects of the anti-leprosy Mw vaccine in household contacts of leprosy patients: clinical field trials with a follow up of 8–10 years. P. SHARMA, R. MUKHERJEE, G. P. TALWAR,K. G. SARATHCHANDRA, R. WALIA, S. K. PARIDA, R. M. PANDEY, R. RANI, H. KAR, A. MUKHERJEE,K. KATOCH, S. K. BENARA, TULSI AND P. SINGH

High prevalence of non-leprotic hypochromic patches among children in a rural area of Mali,West Africa. O. FAYE, H. T. N’DIAYÉ, S. KEITA, A. K. TRAORÉ, R. J. HAY AND A. MAHÉ

Special Paper

Report on the First Meeting of the IDEAL (Initiative for Diagnostic and Epidemiological Assays for Leprosy) Consortium held at Armauer Hansen Research Institute, ALERT, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 24–27 October 2004. A. ASEFFA, P. BRENNAN, H. DOCKRELL, T. GILLIS, R. HUSSAIN, L. OSKAM AND J. H. RICHARDUS ON BEHALF OF THE IDEAL CONSORTIUM

Short Report

How can adherence with multi-drug therapy in leprosy be improved? M. C. WILLIAMS

Case Reports

Leprosy and HIV co-infection in five patients. M. A. BIANCONCINI TRINDADE, M. I. P. MANINI, J. H. MASETTI, M. A. LEITE, M. D. F. TAKAHASHI AND B. NAAFS

Aplastic anemia associated with multidrug therapy (dapsone, rifampicin and clofazimine) in a patient with lepromatous leprosy. I. M. B. GOULART, A. C. S. REIS, T. M. N. DE REZENDE, A. S. BORGES, M. S. FERREIRA AND S. A. NISHIOKA

Lichen scrofulosorum in a patient with lepromatous leprosy after BCG immunotherapy. M. SENDHIL KUMARAN, S. DOGRA, I. KAUR AND B. KUMAR

Leprosy acquired by inoculation from a knee injury. J. W. BRANDSMA, L. YODER AND M. MACDONALD

Letters to the Editor

Independent evaluation of GAEL. S. TALHAR AND G. PENNA

Bigger may not always be better: giant borderline tuberculoid leprosy lesion. A. GHORPADE

Book Review

Surgical reconstruction & rehabilitation in leprosy and other neuropathies

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