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Learning to manage leprosy after 2005: preserving critical knowledge and exploiting new technology. P. Saunderson


Challenges presented by nerve damage in leprosy. M. Harboe, A. Aseffa & R.Leekassa


The INFIR cohort study: investigating prediction, detection and pathogenesis of neuropathy and reactions in leprosy. Methods and baseline results of a cohort of multibacillary leprosy patients in North India. W. H. van Brakel, P. G. Nicholls, L. Das, P. Barkataki, S. K. Suneetha, R. S. Jadhav, P. Maddali, D. N.J. Lockwood, E. Wilder-Smith & K. V. Desikan

Factors contributing to delay in diagnosis and start of treatment in leprosy – analysis of help-seeking narratives in northern Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India. P.G. Nicholls, C. Nav, A. K. Bro, P. Barkataki, K. Ravi, S.G. Withington & W. C. S. Smith

Patients’ perceptions of reconstructive surgery in leprosy. A. S. John, D. V. Kumar & P. S. S. Rao

Impaired contrast sensitivity among leprosy patients with normal visual actity. E. Daniel, Thiripurasundary, R. Appavoo, S. Chacko, A. Ragupathy & R. Raju

Progress towards the elimination of leprosy in Nigeria: a review of the role of policy implementation and operational factors. O. I. Ogbeiwi

Special Paper

Introduction of WHO multidrug therapy in Myanmar 1988-1994. K. Lwin, T. Myint, M. M. Gyi, M.Thein, T. Shwe, K. N. Sein

Case Reports

Lepromatous lymphadenitis masquerading as lymphoma. N. Bagla, M. M. Patel, R. D Patel & M. Jarag

Leprosy with neurofibromatosis --- a diagnostic dilemma. C. Grover, M. Lohra, S. Nanda, B. S. N. Reddy

Letters to the Editor

Concerns regarding in vitro and in vivo uses of thalidomide. A. Tadesse & E. J. Shannon

Syme’s/Boyd prosthesis: a new modification. B. C. Hari & R. Schwarz

Reversal reaction occurring 16 years after beginning antibacterial treatment --- comment. D. V. A. Opromolla

Can we have simpler solutions? G. N.Malaviya

Concept and impact of stigma on discrimination against leprosy sufferers – minimizing the harm. N. Awofeso

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