Editor’s Choice


Molecular detection of drug resistance in Mycobacterium leprae. D. L. Williams and T. P. Gillis

Original Papers

Inter-rater reliability of WHO disability grading. W. Brandsma, M. Larsen, C. Richard and M. Ebenezer

Nerve thickening in leprosy patients and risk of paralytic deformities. A. Kumar, A. Girdhar and B. K. Girdhar

Impairments in multibacillary leprosy: a study from Brazil. M. I. F. Pimentel, J. A. C. Nery, E. Borges, R. R. Gonçalves and E. N. Sarno

The fulfilment of health care needs of leprosy patients from Kaski District, Nepal. J. P. Knuuttila

Analysis on detection of new leprosy cases before, during and after the year of leprosy elimination campaigns. S. Jianping, L. Wenzhong, Y. Meiwen, Y. Jun, Z. Longchao, W. Rongmao, H. Lufang, M. Hongjiang, Y. Fuchang, H. Xinguo and P. Liangde

Leprosy control in the republic of Yemen: co-operation between government and non-government organisations, 1989-2003. A. R. Al Samie and Y. Al Qubati

Case Reports

Intra-abdominal, crystal-storing histiocytosis due to clofazimine in a patient with lepromatous leprosy and concurrent carcinoma of the colon. A. V. Pais, S. pereira, I. Garg, J. Stephen, M. Antony and Y. K. Inchara

Bullous erythema nodosum leprosum: a case report from Nepal. A. Rijal, S. Agrawal, A. Agarwalla and M. Lakhey

A case of post-partum borderline tuberculoid leprosy complicated by a median nerve abscess, peptic ulceration and rifampcin-induced haemolytic renal failure. S. Dawe, D. N. J. Lockwood and D. Creamer

Tuberculoid leprosy confined to glans penis in two cases. A. Ghorpade

Letters to the Editor

A strategy to improve the ML flow test for detection of anti-phenolic glycolipid-1 antibodies. O. Parkash

A strategy to improve the ML flow test for detection of anti-phenolic glycolipid-1 antibodies: reply. L. Oskam and S. Bührer-Sékula

Potential impacts of poverty alleviation activities on reducing leprosy transmission. N. Awofeso

Teaching Materials and Services

Report of the Scientific Working Group meeting on Leprosy * Three new leprosy training guides * Implementation research * Interactive tutorials * Leprosy Diary

News and Notes

PSI recruiting MBBSs for new STI prevention project * Dr R. Ganapati honoured for life-long contribution * Report on the Sixth Meeting of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on the Elimination of Leprosy * Erratum