Editor’s Choice


Supporting ‘the individual’ with leprosy: the need for a ‘post-elimination strategy’ J. D. H. Porter


Neuropathic pain in leprosy. M. Haanpää, D. J. N. Lockwood and A. Hietaharju

Original Papers

Trends in leprosy case detection worldwide since 1985. A. Meima, J. H. Richardus and J. D. F. Habbema

Leprosy case detection using schoolchildren. G. Norman, G. A. Joseph, P. Udayasuriyan, P. Samuel and M. Venugopal

Colorimetric microtitre plate hybridization assay for the detection of Mycobacterium leprae 16S rRNA in clinical specimens. Y. Haile and J. J. Ryon

Increased incidence of cytoplasmic ANCA (cANCA) and other autoantibodies in leprosy patients from Western India. Vandana Pradhan, S. S. Badakere and U. Shankar Kumar

Depressive status of leprosy patients in Bangladesh: association with self-perception of stigma. A. Tsutsumi, T. Izutsu, A. Islam, J. Uddin Amed, S. Nakahara, F. Takagi and S. Wakai

The decentralization of the health system in Colombia and Brazil and its impact on leprosy control. A. Kalk and K. Fleischer

HLA associations in leprosy patients from Mumbai, India. U. Shankarkumar

Case Reports

Reversal reaction occurring 16 years after beginning antibacterial treatment. T. H. Rea

Reactional tattoo inoculation borderline tuberculoid leprosy with oedematous tattoos. A. Ghorpade


Douglas J Harman

Letters to the Editor

Leprosy elimination campaign (LEC) in Hodeidah Province, Republic of Yemen, 1997-1998: results and treatment outcome. A. B. Al Dobai, A. S. Al Kubati and Y. Al Qubati

Hidden prevalence of leprosy. A. Kalk

Leprosy elimination -- how far? V. Gupta, B. Kumar, S. Dogra, U. Vasudeva and I. Kaur

Integration of eye care into a leprosy hospital service: experience in Mangu, Nigeria. C. Mpyet

Book Review

Differential Diagnosis of Leprosy. A Guide Book for Histopathologists

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Training in evaluation in the French language * New publications from TALC * Information provider * Clinical Aspects of Nerve Damage in Leprosy * FAME: an initiative to promote medical research publishing in Africa * Un nouvel atlas de la lèpre - the French version of ‘A new atlas of leprosy

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FIND: finding new diagnostics * Leprosy crusaders remembered * LEPRA’s CE honoured as national pioneer * Brazil steps up leprosy fight * Angola update * New recommendations for India * BLP observes World Disabled Day * Discrimination is alive and well * World Aids Day -- 1st December 2003