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Operational research in leprosy


Hidden cases of leprosy. P. Krishna Murthy

Leprosy in Africa: a contrasted picture. E. Declercq and A. Guédénon


Risk factors for the development of clinical leprosy among contacts, and their relevance for targeted interventions. F. J. Moet, A. Meima, L. Oskam and J. H. Richardus


Experiencing leprosy: perceiving and coping with leprosy and its treatment. A qualitative study conducted in Nepal. M. L. Heijnders

An exploration of the views of people with leprosy in Nepal concerning the quality of leprosy services and their impact on adherence behaviour. M. L. Heijnders

Assessment of knowledge and skills in early diagnosis of leprosy and attitudes towards leprosy amongst doctors working in dermatological services, Shandong province, People’s Republic of China. Shumin Chen, Lin Zhang, Dianchang Liu and Huaxu Li

Neonatal BCG protection against leprosy: a study in Manaus, Brazilian Amazon. Sérgio S. Cunha, Laura C. Rodrigues, Valderiza Pedrosa, Ines M. Dourado, Mauricio L. Barreto and Susan Martins Pereira

Prevalence of mental distress in the outpatient clinic of a specialized leprosy hospital. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2002. Ruth Leekassa,Elizabeth Bizuneh and Atalay Alem

A study on transmission and a trial of chemoprophylaxis in contacts of leprosy patients: design, methodology and recruitment findings of COLEP. F. J. Moet, L. Oskam, R. Faber, D. Pahan and J.H. Richardus

A clinical trial of pefloxacin and ofloxacin in lepromatous leprosy. T. T. Fajardo Jr, L. G. Villahermosa, E. C. Dela Cruz, R. V. Cellona, M. V F. Balagon, R. M. Abalos and R. H. Gelber

Case Report

Death caused by Strongyloides hyperinfection in a leprosy patient on treatment for a type II leprosy reaction. Bunse Leang, Lut Lynen, Ruth Tootill, Stephen Griffiths and Didier Monchy

Letters to the Editor

Non-adherence to leprosy treatment in Western Sudan; the people behind the numbers. J. A. F. Coebergh, H. Buddingh (page 406)

Leprosy elimination campaign (LEC) in Hodeidah Province, republic of Yemen, 1997--1998: results and treatment outcome. H. J. Kawuma (page 407)

25 years of MDT: a caveat. D. Soutar (page 408)

Independent evaluation of GAEL. D. Daumerie (page 409)

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