195 Editor’s Choice


196 Serology in leprosy research and control: recent developments, strengths, limitations and prospects: a state of the art overview. L. OSKAM, E. SLIM AND S. BUHRER-SEKULA

Original Papers

206 Thalidomide does not modify the ability of cells in leprosy patients to incorporate [³H]-thymidine when incubated with M. leprae antigens. A. TADESSE, E. TAYE, F. SANDOVAL AND E. J. SHANNON

215 Assessment of disability, social and economic situations of people affected by leprosy in Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China. CHEN SHUMIN, LIU DIANGCHANG, LIU BING, ZHANG LIN AND YU IOULU

222 Role of leprosy villages and leprosaria in Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China: past, present and future. CHEN SHUMIN, LIU BING, LIU DIANCHANG, ZHANG LIN AND YU IOULU

229 Characteristics and treatment outcomes of leprosy patients detected during a leprosy elimination campaign in Mozambique compared with routinely detected patients. C. PHAFF, J. VAN DEN BROEK, A. MACARTHUR JR, A. NDEVE AND Y STUIP

240 Screening for leprosy in Immigrants -- a decision analysis model. R. TAYLOR , K. KING, P. VODICKA, J. HALL AND D. EVANS

249 Delayed diagnosis of leprosy and the potential role of educational activities in Brazil. C. DA SILVA SOUZA AND J. T. BACHA

259 Field treatment of leprosy reactions in Northern Nigeria: feasibility, including the use of prednisolone in blister packs. E. POST

263 Comparison between anti-PGL-I serology and Mitsuda reaction: clinical reading, microscopy findings and immunohistochemical analysis. S. M. MAEDA, O. ROTTA, N. S. MICHALANY, Z. P. CAMARGO, C. SUNDERKOTTER AND J. TOMIMORI-YAMASHITA

Case Report

275 Generalised anetoderma in a patient with HIV and dual mycobacterium infection. A. C. INAMADAR, A. PALIT, S. B. ATHANIKAR, V. V. SAMPAGAVI AND N. S. DESHMUKH

Letters to the Editor

279 Leprosy: from the clinics of a tertiary institution in south eastern Nigeria. E.N. NNORUKA

280 Begging as a profession and rehabilitation among leprosy patients. R. E. PFALTZGRAFF

282 Patient and health services delay in the diagnosis of leprosy in Kaduna State, Nigeria. T. J. RYAN


284 Paul Brand


286 The return of thalidomide: new uses and renewed concerns. V. PANNIKAR 288 On thalidomide and WHO policies. G. F. M. PEREIRA 290 The return of thalidomide: new uses and renewed concerns -- reply. D. LOCKWOOD AND A. BRYCESON 294 The return of thalidomide: new uses and renewed concerns -- reply. B. NAAFS