99 Editor’s Choice

100 Obituary -- Dr Jo Colston


103 International Leprosy Association Global Project on the History of Leprosy. I. ROBERTSON

Original Papers

112 ‘Client satisfaction’: Guidelines for assessing the quality of leprosy services from the clients’ perspective. M. VAN DIJK, I. VISSCHEDIJK AND A. VAN DER KWAAK

120 Assessing socio-economic factors in relation to stigmatization, impairment status, and selection for socio-economic rehabilitation: a 1 year cohort of new leprosy cases in north Bangladesh. S.G. WITHINGTON. S. JOHA. D. BAIRD. M. BRINK AND J. BRINK

133 Estimating the relative recurrence risk ratio for leprosy in Karonga District, Malawi. C. WALLACE, D. CLAYTON AND P. FINE

144 Effectiveness of multidrug therapy in multibacillary leprosy: a long-term follow-up of 34 multibacillary leprosy patients treated with multidrug regiments until skin smear negativity. N. SHAW, M. CHRISTIAN, K. JESUDASAN, N. KURIAN AND G. S. RAO

148 Integration of leprosy control with primary health care. S. N. MALLICK

154 An assessment of knowledge and attitudes towards leprosy/Hansen’s disease amongst healthcare workers in Guyana. A. BRIDEN AND E. MAGUIRE

163 Nepal network of leprosy NGOs. C. R. BUTLIN

Case Report

167 A case report of fatal dapsone-induced agranulocytosis in an Indian midborderline leprosy patient. R. M. BHAT AND K. RADHAKRISHNAN

Letters to the Editor

171 Pulse dexamethasone, oral steroids and azathioprine in the management of erythema nodosum leprosum. V. K. MAHAJAN, N. L. SHARMA, R. C. SHARMA AND A. SHARMA

175 Classification by objectives: a rejoinder. M. J. THOMAS, M. THOMAS, R. BABU AND J. VELEMA

177 New case detection and prevalence rates in leprosy. A. KUMAR

180 What is the actual male/female sex ratio in leprosy patients? R. E. PFALTZGRAFF

Teaching Materials and Services

182 A New Atlas of Leprosy * Tuberculosis resources on the Internet * TB vaccines for the world * Training in information management of web-based resources * New TALC catalogue * e-talc * Communicable diseases information resources -- tuberculosis * Topics in International Health CD-ROM * Local health content in Nigeria

News and Notes

187 IX International Congress of Dermatology * Dr Jong-Wook Lee nominated Director-General of WHO * Disabled observe World Disabled Day * Leprosy elimination campaigns: impact on case detection * Technical Advisory Group on Elimination of Leprosy * Pure neuritic leprosy * World TB Day 2003 * TDR’s strategic emphases for research on ten tropical diseases

192 Erratum