Editor’s Choice


2 Uniform MDT (U-MDT) regimen for all leprosy patients -- another example of wishful thinking. B. JI & P. SAUNDERSON

7 International Leprosy Congress 2002 -- lessons learned. W. C. S. SMITH


11 Prospects for molecular epidemiology of leprosy. D. YOUNG

Original papers

18 Comparison of PCR-mediated amplification of DNA and the classical methods for detection of Mycobacterium leprae in different types of clinical samples in leprosy patients and contacts. P. TORRES, J. J. CAMARENA, J. R. GOMEZ, J. M. NOGUEIRA, V. GIMENO, J. C. NAVARRO & A. OLMOS

31 Epidemiology of leprosy in urban Agra. A. KUMAR, A. GIRDHAR & B. K. GIRDHAR

35 A clinical prediction rule for nerve function impairment in leprosy patients -- revisited after 5 years of follow-up. R. P. CROFT, P. G. NICHOLLS, E. W. STEYERBERG, J. H. RICHARDUS, S. G. WITHINGTON & W. C. S. SMITH

42 Sensory testing in leprosy: comparison of ballpoint pen and monofilaments. L.F. KOELEWIJN, A. MEIMA, S.M. BROEKHUIS, J.H. RICHARDUS, P.D. MITCHELL, C. BENBOW, P.R. SAUNDERSON

53 Surgical reconstruction of irreversible ulnar nerve paralysis in leprosy TURKER OZKAN, KAGAN OZER, AYSE YUKSEL & AYAN GULGONEN

63 Excision arthroplasty; an effective method in the management of plantar ulcers with metatarsophalangeal joint infection in anaesthetic feet. A. T. OOMEN, E. MANNAM, S. PARTHEEBARAJAN, S. SAMUEL

68 Integrating leprosy control into general health service in a war situation: the level after 5 years in Eastern Congo. D. C. BYAMUNGU & O. I. OBGEIWI

Letters to the Editor

79 Patient and health services delay in the diagnosis of leprosy in Kaduna State, Nigeria. ERIK POST

83 Socio-economic rehabilitation in leprosy; an example. H. J. KAWUMA

84 Reports from the Workshop on the Neurologically Impaired Foot. THE DUTCH NEUROPATHIC FOOT SOCIETY

86 Reply to letter by submitted by Dutch Neuropathic Foot Society. J. W. BRANDSMA & M. R. C. MACDONALD

87 Hot topics in leprosy. S. HANDA & S. DOGRA

Teaching Materials and Services

89 Better information increases the capacity of scientists and health care workers in developing countries * An Atlas of African Dermatology * Source International Information Support Centre * ‘Hansen’s disease is curable’ * Leprosy Diary

News and Notes

92 Award conferred on Dr R. Ganapati * Social Science and Leprosy Network * Sight Savers eye care link-up planned * ILEP Presidency handover * New ILEP Standing Committee elected * Mosquito and malaria genomes revealed * Social Science and Leprosy Network * New leprosy cases increase * Earliest leprosy victim Scottish? * 2002 Damien-Dutton Award * DAHW changes its name * Celebrity shoe auction raises almost £11,000 * City Leprosy Project completes 26 years * Anglo-French Alliance for Tropical Medicine