Call for papers -- Nerve damage in leprosy

Editor’s Choice


To smear or not to smear? M. F. Waters


Leprosy: a problem solved by 2000? A. T. STEARNS


Eye disease in multibacillary leprosy patients at the time of their leprosy diagnosis: findings from the Longitudinal Study of Ocular Leprosy (LOSOL) in India, the Philippines and Ethiopia. P. COURTRIGHT, E. DANIEL, S. RAO, J. RAVANES, F. MENGISTU, M. BELACHEW, R. V. CELLONA & T. FFYTCHE

Drug susceptibility of M. leprae: a retrospective analysis of mouse footpad inoculation results from 1983 to 1997. B. SEKAR, N. ELANGESWARAN, E. JAYARAMA, M. RAJENDRAN, S. SENTHIL

Relapse rates and a 10-year follow-up of a 6 week quadruple drug regimen for the treatment of multibacillary leprosy. S. PATTYN & S. GRILLONE

Childhood leprosy in an urban clinic, Hyderabad, India: clinical presentation and the role of household contacts. S. JAIN, R. G. REDDY, S. N. OSMANI, D. N. J. LOCKWOOD & S. SUNEETHA

Anti-leprosy protective vaccination of rhesus monkeys with BCG or BCG plus heat-killed Mycobacterium leprae: lepromin skin test results. B. J. GORMUS, G. B. BASKIN, K. XU, M. S. RATTERREE, P. A. MACK, R. P. BOHM JR, W. M. MEYERS & G. P. WALSH

Male-female (sex) differences in leprosy patients in South Eastern Nigeria: females present late for diagnosis and treatment and have higher rates of deformity. E. J. PETERS & A. I. ESHIET

Further Education Series -- HIV

Management of HIV in resource-poor countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. A. D. HARRIES

Case Report

Leprosy lesion on the prepuce of the male genitalia: a case report. I. N. SHAW

Letters to the Editor

The Final Push Strategy to Eliminate Leprosy as a Public Health Problem: Questions and Answers. THE ILEP MEDICO-SOCIAL COMMISSION

Comment on “A high incidence of viable Mycobacterium leprae in post-MDT recurrent lesions in tuberculoid leprosy patients”. K. V. DESIKAN

Concurrent leprosy and leishmaniasis with mucosal involvement. I. M. B. GOULART, L. G. PATROCINIO, S. DE A. NISHIOKA, J. A. PATROCINIO, M. S. FERREIRA & R. N. FLEURY

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News and Notes

Champa celebrates centenary * Genomics and World Health * The 22nd Biennial Conference of the Indian Association of Leprologists, held on 24th November 2001 at Patna, Bihar * Princess Royal visits TLM Anandaban, Nepal * Immunotherapy: relevance in HIV and drug resistant tuberculosis * BCG vaccine * Best feet forward for LEPRA * WHO launches global strategy on traditional and alternative medicine * Expert advice * Three million HIV/AIDS sufferers could receive anti-retroviral therapy by 2005: new hope for those in developing world * Engineered mosquitoes * Does inequality matter?