Charles has been on our board since 2009 and was appointed as Chair of Trustees in 2015. Before his role with us, Charles was the Executive Vice President for Policy and Corporate Affairs at BG Group, a UK-based FTSE 100 oil and gas company. In that role he had global responsibility for political risk and government relations, communications, corporate responsibility, sustainable development and business principles. This role followed on from his position as President at BG Kazakhstan.

Prior to this, Charles worked for over 20 years at the UK Ministry of Defence. He has also been co-chairman of the Kazakhstan Britain Trade and Industry Council, co-chairman of the Egypt Britain Business Council and a Council Member for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Charles now has a portfolio of non-executive and advisory roles.

Hear Charles speak about our work:

"My name is Charles Bland and I am Chairman of Lepra. In Lepra, we work with some of the poorest and most excluded people in the world. These are people who suffer from severely debilitating diseases and also have to carry the additional burdens of poverty and prejudice.

When I visit our projects in Bangladesh or in India, I meet people whose lives have been transformed by what Lepra does. They’re people for whom the burdens of their disease are lifted and also people who are on the way to regaining their self-respect. These are people who live on the outer margins of society, and with Lepra’s help they are able to regain self-respect, and also to regain the respect of their communities.

What I also realise when I visit these projects, is that I too am a beneficiary of what Lepra does, because our projects help me to understand something about the common bounds of humanity. The people we work with are geographically very far away, but their world is my world too."