Edinburgh to St Andrews Cycle Ride 2020

Location: West Gate, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, EH3

Following on from our postponement last year, we are delighted to say we have got new tyres and, with a pump of air, we are ready to cycle! On the 13th of June 2020, Lepra will be hosting the historic Edinburgh to St Andrews Cycle Ride. This sponsored charity ride gives you the opportunity to cycle a 68-mile route, from Inverleith Park in Edinburgh city centre to the wonderfully scenic, coastal town of St Andrews.

On the day, we will have a variety of entertainment to keep you motivated through the miles – food, drinks and music!

Riders of all abilities are encouraged to take part and we offer both single and group tickets – perfect for the solo cyclist looking to test his endurance or the family looking to spend a summer afternoon together. 

What does my ticket include and how much will it cost me?

Note: tickets do NOT include transport from St Andrews back to Edinburgh so you MUST purchase a £17 transport ticket below if you want a lift back for you and your bike! Children go free, but a transport ticket MUST be purchased if you need transport for your child and their bike from the finish line back to Edinburgh! Bus departs at 7pm.

Standard Entry – £30 includes a Lepra t-shirt 

Student Entry£25 includes a Lepra t-shirt 

Group Ticket- £100 includes four tickets and Lepra t-shirts 

Children Under 16 - FREE ENTRY

Travel Ticket- £17 includes transport for you and your bike from St Andrews to Edinburgh. This ticket must also be purchased for children if you would like transport for them and their bike!

Want to know more?

So, why not make your New Year’s Resolution stick this year by committing to a ticket for this fantastic event?

We will be posting training hints and tips as we countdown to June 13th and it could be the motivation you need to get out of the armchair and into the saddle, all for a wonderful cause!

T: 01206216700

T: +44 (0)7470 546889

E: [email protected] 

E: [email protected]

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Book a place

Ticket Quantity Price

Standard Entry

Decrease Increase £30.00

Student Entry

Decrease Increase £25.00

Kids Under 16

Decrease Increase £0.00

Group Ticket

Decrease Increase £100.00

Travel Ticket

Decrease Increase £17.00