Help us find the hidden cases before it's too late

An estimated 3 million people are living with undiagnosed leprosy - hidden away from society or unaware that they have the disease.

Every day the disease will do more damage. This is why it is vital we find people now, before it is too late.

We have pioneered new methods to find people - expanding our existing methods to cover a much wider area.

We are also working very closely with hard to reach indigenous tribal communities to ensure they are also screened. 

These new methods have led us to find three times as many people as current government methods

97% of people were found before they had developed a lasting disability - indicating these methods will help end leprosy related disabilites.

With your help we can find even more people and treat them before disability takes hold

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Just £27 could help us find another case of undiagnosed leprosy.

£9 a month could help us find 4 hidden people living with leprosy each year.

You could help us find more families like the Manjhis 

In our recent screening programme we found that sister and brother, Gudiya, aged ten, and Pardeshi, aged only eight, both had leprosy.

Although both their parents had experienced leprosy, they had not received any advice from their local healthcare centre, to help them recognise the symptoms in their children.

Without our help Gudiya and Pardeshi may not have been diagnosed until much later, by which time leprosy may have caused permanent damage to their bodies, and their futures. 

There are many more families just like the Manjhis who need our help.

Please donate today to help ensure no more families have to watch helpless as each generation endures leprosy - living without the vital knowledge or healthcare to allow them to overcome this terrible disease.

Help us to find these hidden people today and stop leprosy in its tracks

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