Image credit: Sasja van Vechgel

Imagine never being able to feel your hands or feet again.

For many people affected by leprosy, this is a reality.

Leprosy is a cruel disease - if treated too late, the damage inflicted is often irreversible. Whilst surgery can help people regain movement, nerve damage can never be repaired

Today, over four million people are living with the consequences of leprosy and sadly, every year, despite the cure, thousands of people needlessly develop disabilities due to delayed treatment.

We are working hard to find people before leprosy robs them of their mobility and independence. However, people already disabled by this disease desperately need support. 

Your gift today can help people disabled by leprosy receive the care they need.

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Without sensation, even the simplest of tasks become a challenge.

Unable to feel pain, people damaged themselves without realising and, without proper care, minor injuries become infected and develop into ulcers. 

Fearful of other people's reactions and with the body under constant attack from infection, people are forced to take time off from work.

For many, like Francisco, they have to stop completely.

Thankfully, we have been able to help Francisco, providing him with self-care materials and techniques to heal his ulcers, and he has also joined a self-help group where he has learned a new livelihood skill. 

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Image credit: Sasja van Vechgel

Your support can help more people live Francisco lead a more active and healthy life

Unfortunately, there are many more people who need the support Francisco has received, and we need your help to reach them.

Through our self-help groups, people can learn self-care techniques to help them care for any injuries, and they can receive the correct medical supplies to help any more serious infections and ulcers to heal.  

Helping ulcers to heal dramatically improves the health and well-being of people affected by leprosy, allowing them to lead an active life, return to work and avoid complications which may otherwise lead to amputations. 

Please help us ensure that people disabled by leprosy receive the vital support and training they need to care for themselves and sustain their health long into the future.

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