How many pairs of shoes do you buy in a year?

How much would you spend on one pair? £40? £60?

If leprosy is diagnosed too late or left untreated it can cause irreversible, life-changing disabilities. People affected by the disease can lose feeling in parts of their body, including their feet. When a person can no longer feel their feet, they can develop ulcers and injuries without even realising it, simply from walking to and from work.

Rasheda - affected by leprosyRasheda had been living with leprosy for over six years due to constant misdiagnosis. Although she was eventually referred to Lepra and provided access to the treatment she needed to cure the disease, the damage to her nerves in her feet could not be reversed.

Rasheda’s feet had developed ulcers which were so severe she could only walk for short periods of time, and every step carried the threat of further injury.

We provided Rasheda with custom-made shoes designed specifically for people affected by leprosy to protect against injuries. Thanks to these new shoes, her ulcers have healed and she can now go about her daily life with ease.

With her new confidence and independence Rasheda joined a self-help group, here she learnt new skills and borrowed a loan to start her own goat-rearing business.

Today, Rasheda is a respected member of her community and has been welcomed back into her family.

Last year, we managed to give 25,888 pairs of custom-made shoes to people like Rasheda who are affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis. Help us reach more people this year.

It costs just £6 to provide someone with two pairs of custom-made shoes for an entire year.