Today, there are 7 million people affected by leprosy who urgently need help.

Leprosy affects people who live in some of the poorest parts of the world and if left untreated, the disease leads to life-changing disabilities and blindness.

There is a cure, but sadly, many cannot seek the treatment they so desperately need.

People don’t know what symptoms to look out for, or where to get treated. And for many, treatment means travelling hundreds of miles to access care.

The terrible stigma of this disease also means many people hide in the shadows – too fearful to seek diagnosis.

Alim was just 13 when he was diagnosed with leprosyFor children, delayed treatment can be devastating

It can lead to a lifetime of poverty, disability and stigma – preventing them from going to school and restricting their prospects for the future.

All because they were unable to access the cure in time.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this and you can help. 

A donation of just £5 could help screen an entire school for cases of leprosy.

By supporting this early detection programme, you can stop leprosy from destroying the lives of young children.

Help save a child's future

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We work to ensure that children with leprosy receive the cure quickly and that people at risk of leprosy in Bangladesh, India and Mozambique can recognise their symptoms and access treatment.

We also care for those with disabilities by providing protective footwear, physiotherapy and reconstructive surgery to help them live a much better quality of life.

At just 13 years old, Alim and his family thought his life was over.

Patches started to appear on his body and his mother feared it was leprosy, as his father had experienced the disease and now has disabilities.

Thankfully, we reached Alim in time and diagnosed him before life-changing disability developed.

He is now receiving treatment and in time the patches will fade - nobody will be able to tell he has had this disease.

If Alim hadn't received the treatment when he did, his story could have been very different.

Any donation you can give today will help save the futures of children living in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique, so they can live full, happy and meaningful lives.

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Your support is vital and together, we will beat leprosy.