Rohingya Muslims urgently need your support.

After escaping violence in Myanmar last August, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees are living in unimaginable conditions in overpopulated camps.

We believe that hidden in these camps are many people suffering from leprosy, unaware of their condition, or unable to access treatment from the overwhelmed health services.

Recent research shows that up to 17% of refugees living in the camps are thought to be affected by skin disease, including leprosy.

Without urgent treatment, people living with leprosy are at risk of life-changing disabilities, including paralysis, blindness, and irreversible nerve damage which can lead to ulcers, infections and amputations.

Leprosy is cured through a course of antibiotics - this multi-drug therapy is free, yet the treatment is not getting through to the people who need it.

It is imperative that we reach people with the cure before this disease has a chance to take hold and cause permanent life-changing disabilities.

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The influx of people means healthcare providers are struggling to cope.

Your donations can help vulnerable people receive treatment

We urgently need to raise £51,000 to allow us to perform screening in the camps so we can find people with leprosy quickly and provide the treatment.

Please donate generously to provide vital healthcare to Rohingya Muslim refugees in this time of need.

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