Beatings, banishment, death threats. 

It's no wonder that women hide the signs of leprosy

When Kalpana was just 18 her husband noticed patches on her skin. He suspected it might be leprosy and so closed the door, tied her up and attacked her with a stick.

The beatings went on for months until one day he broke her leg.

Kalpana was taken to hospital where she met one of our health workers who diagnosed her with leprosy and started her on the treatment.

However when she returned home she found her husband had banished her and their five year-old daughter from the family home, forever. 

We were able to give Kalpana a loan to start her own shop. She now supports her family and can pay for her daughter to go to school.

Kalpana also helps to spread awareness about leprosy, telling her customers about this curable disease and what symptoms to look out for.

Unfortunately Kalpana's story is common in many countries affected by leprosy.

Women are so fearful of the consequences a diagnosis that they hide themselves away, covering up the effects of leprosy, until the disabilities can no longer be hidden. 

How we help

We train and support women like Kalpana so they can become female community champions, educating their local communities about the disease, checking suspected symptoms and referring people on for treatment.

Women often find it difficult to present their symptoms to male health workers - with our female community champions women feel much more comfortable revealing their conditions. 

With just £6 a month we can continue to find and support the hidden women living with leprosy.

With a monthly donation of £6 we can train 5 female community champions a year to support women and girls who are too fearful to come forward for diagnosis.

Please help us reach women who have nowhere else to turn.

With your support we can find many more women and provide treatment and support before they face the terrible disabilities and discrimination caused by this disease. 

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