Sakshi's storySakshi writing again

Sakshi was just 10 years old when she first noticed her little finger had become swollen and painful. Soon, her whole hand had become numb and she was having trouble gripping her pencil in class. Eventually Sakshi had to leave school as she was unable to keep up with her classmates.

Sakshi’s family took her to a health centre where she was misdiagnosed. As a result, her family paid for a year of incorrect treatment, money that they could not afford to waste.

Finally, Sakshi was referred to the district hospital where she was diagnosed with leprosy.

Although she finally was receiving the treatment she needed, Sakshi had already missed out on a year of her childhood and her education.

Luckily, your help enabled us to reach Sakshi in time, before leprosy led to a permanent disability. Read more about her story and road to recovery here.

Lack of awareness and understanding

Unfortunately Sakshi’s story is not uncommon, quite often leprosy is misdiagnosed due to the lack of awareness and understanding of the disease. And for those who do suspect they have leprosy, many will not seek help and treatment due to the stigma that surrounds the disease.

Early detection

Early detection is key in preventing disability. Leprosy is a completely curable disease, however once life-changing disability takes hold, it is often not possible to reverse.

It is critical that we reach people at risk as early as possible. Sakshi endured pain and stigma of leprosy for a whole year before her condition was properly diagnosed.

There are many children, women and men like Sakshi who aren’t so fortunate and end up living with a devastating lifelong disability that often leads to prejudice.

Help us reach more children like Sakshi

There are many ways you can help children like Sakshi by ensuring leprosy is diagnosed before disability takes hold and robs childhoods.

Giving as little as £13 a month, could help us to run health education campaigns in six schools each year.

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