Leprosy and other neglected diseases rob people of their health, livelihoods and their independence; but with your support we can continue the fight to beat this disease, enabling people affected by leprosy to regain control of their lives through access to treatment, self-care training and self-help groups where people can learn new skills and gain the knowledge needed to advocate for their rights.

Life after leprosy

Over the years we have shared individual stories about children, women and men whose lives have been severely affected by disease. Often these are heart-breaking tales but many, thanks to you, have happy endings. In the latest edition of our Lepra News you can see how your support has helped to transform lives over the last 12 months.

RachnaYou’ll find out more about people like Rachna who was forced to leave her home by her husband when she started to find patches on her skin. Once she was diagnosed and cured, Rachna became a community ambassador, and then a Lepra employee to help others affected by leprosy. She leads health education camps and teaches self-care. In 2015, Rachna joined the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP) advisory panel, to give a voice to those affected by the disease on a global stage.

You’ll also read about Aadil who was only three years old when we diagnosed him with leprosy. His brother was also thought to have contracted the disease. Today, both brothers are symptom free and Aadil, now eight is now enjoying a full-time education.

7 more million people need your help...

In the last 12 months we’ve reached over 270,000 people, but we believe there are 3 million more who have hidden themselves away and remain undiagnosed, whilst another 4 million people are living with the physical consequences of the disease.

In order to beat leprosy, we need your help to reach even more people over the next 12 months.

Help us to rebuild even more lives

Thanks to our amazing supporters, people like Rachna and Aadil have been able to put their experiences of leprosy behind them as they build new lives free from disease, and we want to help even more people do the same. Just £20 means that we can run a health awareness campaign, allowing our health workers to visit remote and hard to reach communities and teach families about leprosy and where to get treatment and support.

A single campaign can reach up to 500 people and is key to dispelling the stigma surrounding leprosy and helping us detect cases early before disabilities take hold.

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