Every day 600 people are diagnosed with leprosy, more than 50 are children. Yet over three million more are living undiagnosed.

Left untreated, leprosy causes terrible life-changing disabilities, including paralysis and blindness, whilst the stigma surrounding the disease means many endure a life of abuse, isolation and despair.

Leprosy destroys futures

Sakshi from India was just 10 years old when her hand became sore and swollen. After a few weeks she could no longer write and could not keep up with her school work. Her classmates also began to bully her, unable to cope she dropped out of school, and stayed at home all day. 

Her worried parents took her to a health centre, but due to lack of training in this rural facility, she was misdiagnosed. She underwent the wrong treatment for over a year and all the while leprosy continued to damage her nerves and muscles in her hand. 

Eventually her family found us, we diagnosed her with leprosy and provided her with the treatment including physiotherapy which has allowed her to regain movement in her hand. 

Now, Sakshi can write again and has started back at school. Her dream to become a teacher is once again within her grasp:

"When I was diagnosed with leprosy, my family were so worried. But now I am feeling well and confident. I have re-joined my school and hope to become a mathematics teacher when I'm older." she says.

Help us stop leprosy in its tracks

Luckily, we found Sakshi in time, But there are so many children, women and men still living with leprosy, or a leprosy related disability."

With your help we can find more people, and provide access to treatment and support so we can beat leprosy for good. 

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