£1 from you, we get two


Last year, we launched our first ever £1 from you, we get two appeal which saw us raise over £130,000. 
We are delighted to be relaunching the appeal in September 2019. 

The appeal will run from 16th September to 28th October, with the first £34,000 of donations being doubled!


  • This year, our appeal focuses on our Mental Motivators pilot project, launched in Bangladesh in May 2019. 
  • This project enhances the existing self-care self-help groups, with the addition of mental wellbeing support service. 
  • Training our own group leaders to become ‘Mental Motivators’ improves their knowledge and skills linked to mental health issues experienced by others. 
  • With over 53% of people with newly diagnosed cases of leprosy and LF developing anxiety and depression, our Mental Motivators project provides an important service to improve the mental health and quality of life of up to 10,000 families.


What can you do?


Why not hold a Life Changing Tea, or have a Socks and Sandals Day? 

You could invite one of our countrywide fundraisers to come and speak at your community, membership or faith group to find out more about our work.